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GPS Tracking System

Your business deserves a powerful GPS tracking system.

A solution that is built on industry leading cloud-based infrastructure and powered by advanced GPS tracking technology.

A complete package that stands out from the crowd because it’s built by genuine industry experts and comes packed with features, at no extra cost.

Unlike a standard GPS tracking device, our GPS job tracker isn’t restricted to vehicles or vans. It works on any mobile device so you can monitor your field technicians across the entire day.

You’ll always know where your staff are, what they’re working on and when they finish.

 Job dispatching and job scheduling softwareFast Job Scheduling

Smarter scheduling guarantees your closest technician is always assigned to the job.

Automated TimesheetsTimesheet software

Benefit from accurate job costing. Labour is assigned to jobs by tracking your team’s GPS locations and automatically feeding the details into their timesheets.

Free GPS trackingSuperior GPS – at no added cost

GPS tracking is a standard feature with your monthly AroFlo subscription – no extra hardware or implementation costs.

iPhone iPad Android job managementField Mobility on ANY device

Using any existing mobile device your field technicians own, you can track and manage your entire fleet – whether they’re on foot or in vehicles.

Live GPS trackingLive GPS Tracking

AroFlo offers real-time tracking that works on any GPS enabled smartphone.

Fleet managementInstant Job Notifications

You can post immediate live updates and job notifications to your workers out in the field.

Better job scheduling with GPS

Work smarter and faster

You can now schedule new jobs and projects on the spot. You’ll never have to call around or look through your job diary to find your closest available team member.

Using AroFlo’s powerful calendar and GPS tracking you can route your nearest technician to a job.

You’ll wow your customers with faster response times, save on fuel costs and get your business running like a well-oiled machine.

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GPS job scheduling software

Timesheet software

Automated GPS timesheets

Banish paper timesheets forever

You can’t always rely on your staff but AroFlo can always be relied on for fast and accurate GPS timesheet tracking. AroFlo lets you record hours from any location, on any device and all in real-time.

AroFlo GPS Timesheet Tracking captures every hour on the job – even when staff forget. With just a few clicks you can automatically feed labour hours into timesheets and job cards.

You can invoice with confidence knowing you have supporting data which offers complete transparency for clients. You’ll never miss a billable hour again.

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Advanced GPS Tracking

Complete visibility of your entire business operations

AroFlo’s superior GPS job tracking system works on any mobile device so you can monitor and manage your entire fleet – anytime, anywhere.

Unlike traditional GPS tracking devices that are mounted in vehicles, AroFlo lets you trace your team’s every movement. Whether they’re on foot working at a job site, down at the local supplier picking up parts or travelling in their van; AroFlo’s got them covered.

It’s simple, accurate time tracking with advanced GPS location stamping, so you never miss a beat.

GPS tracking software

iPhone iPad Android job management

Mobile job notifications

Instant updates in the field

AroFlo’s GPS tracking software will make your job runs more efficient. Travel times and fuel costs will be slashed.

Field technicians don’t need to come into the office to collect their schedules – AroFlo updates them instantly via their smart phone or any mobile device they prefer to use.

The end result is a productive workforce that spends more time on the job rather than wasting hours travelling all over town.

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Geo Zone Scheduling

Efficient job allocation

Geo Zone job scheduling lets you set boundaries or areas for your field staff and subcontractors to work in.

When a new job comes in, you can easily check which of your technicians is assigned to work within that zone and quickly schedule them to the task.

Learn more about Geo Zone Scheduling

Geo Zone Scheduling

Integration with Moves app

Integrate with Moves GPS app

Get your business Moving

AroFlo seamlessly integrates with Moves GPS tracking app to offer a powerful fleet management solution.

Moves is a free app that runs on both Android and iPhone’s. It records the distance travelled by the user, as well as the length of time and location for each of their activities.

Learn more about Moves

GPS Privacy & Added safety

Extra peace of mind for you and your team

You can use the power of AroFlo’s site location mapping tool to monitor your team’s work. Whenever staff update their jobs and tasks, their location is tracked and recorded in AroFlo.

You can also verify if technicians have arrived on the job or are on-site when work is signed off. It’s an inexpensive and non-intrusive way to monitor staff movements.

You’ll also have the added safety benefit of knowing exactly where your team is located throughout the day. You can also protect their privacy by setting GPS to only work during business hours.

GPS privacy and staff safety

Locate closest industry supplier using GPS tracker

Locate suppliers using GPS

Find your closest industry supplier

AroFlo makes it easier for your teams in the field to find a local supplier when they need to purchase parts or materials.

Technicians can use AroFlo’s GPS capabilities to quickly pinpoint the closest supplier while they’re out on the road.

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