Job costing software

AroFlo is a web based system that allows you to track costs allocated to tasks and projects in real time. The system provides one point of entry for job costs such as time, parts, inventory and supplier orders and delivers a platform to track how job profitability in real time.

Purchase Orders

The AroFlo Job Costing Software solution provides efficient methods of tracking purchase orders against tasks and projects ensuring every purchase is accounted for and that the correct costs are allocated to jobs. The purchase order reconciliation interface helps reduce the risk of being charged for items not received.

Handheld PDA Software

AroFlo provides a mobile interface so that cost allocations can be entered directly from site improving the accuracy of the information entered and profitability of jobs. No more trying to find missing receipts and dockets, the AroFlo system has a very long memory!

Integrated Timesheet

AroFlo provides a time entry interface that allows hours to be booked out directly against a task or on to a timesheet. The time booked out against tasks is reflected in a weekly statement ensuring labour costs have been allocated correctly and keeping greater control over resource allocation. This feature has also improved many businesses profitability through better tracking of variations and increase of billable hours.

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Compliance – OHS Component

AroFlo allows quick and easy access for field technicians to document risks and controls through safety checklists, Safe Work Method statements and Job Safety Analysis forms. AroFlo is a fully integrated compliance software solution that has an easy to use and feature rich interface.

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