AroFlo & Moves Integration

Get your business back on track

Experience the best of both worlds when you combine AroFlo with leading activity app, Moves. It’s the perfect GPS tracking solution for busy tradies on the go.

You’ll not only benefit from powerful job management software but you’ll also have access to advanced GPS tracking technology, delivering a comprehensive fleet management solution for your business.

It’s everything you need in the one seamless package.

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What is Moves?

Advanced GPS tracking at no added cost

Moves is a free app that runs on both Android and iPhones.

It lets you know where, when and how much you’ve moved in a day. Simply keep your phone in your pocket or bag, and Moves will automatically track every daily movement you make.

Whether you’re walking, running, driving in a vehicle, or even travelling by public transport; Moves has got you covered.

Moves app GPS tracking

Integrates with Moves GPS app

How does Moves work?

Counting every move you make

Moves tracks the distance you travel throughout the day, and captures the length of time and location for every place you visit.

Unlike traditional GPS trackers, Moves periodically checks your whereabouts and records the activity you are doing, including ‘travelling’, ‘walking’ and your arrival at a ‘place’, giving you valuable data about your daily movements.

And best of all, AroFlo seamlessly integrates with Moves. Simply activate GPS tracking within AroFlo and your field technicians can gain instant access to information about their daily activities.

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Real-time location data

Moves provides you and your team with highly detailed and accurate location data. Your field techs don’t need to have AroFlo open to track their movements, they just need to download the Moves app and carry their phone in their pocket.

The real-time location data captured in Moves can be used to determine your technician’s time spent on a job, as well as time spent travelling between job sites.

And best of all, they can view a detailed timeline of their movements throughout the day in timesheets. With just a few clicks they can automatically feed their recorded GPS locations and labour hours into their timesheets and job cards.

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Timesheet software.

Reap the rewards

With AroFlo and Moves you’ll benefit from:

  • Fast, automated timesheet entries and job costing, powered by advanced GPS technology.
  • Detailed tracking of your team’s locations throughout the day for easier scheduling.
  • Easy access to GPS information stored within staff timesheets.
  • Non-intrusive staff monitoring – GPS tracking can be restricted to only function during working hours.

In the office, on the job or travelling on the road – AroFlo and Moves have got you covered.

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