Purchase order software

AroFlo’s integrated purchase order system lets you take full control of your purchase order and inventory management.

No more time wasted on paperwork and data entry, or chasing missing parts and materials. More time to get on with the job.

Fast. Efficient. Accurate.

AroFlo purchase order software can fully automate and streamline your entire purchasing process.

Purchase orders can be raised against:

  • a single job
  • multiple jobs; or
  • your inventory.

When the parts and materials are received from the supplier, they can be reconciled and placed on the job/s or in your inventory. It couldn’t be easier.


purchase orders on the go

AroFlo lets you place orders for materials from any location – whether you’re in the office or out on-site – everything you need is at your fingertips.

Field technicians can even generate a purchase order on the job, without needing to add individual items to the order. All they have to do is give the purchase order number and required materials to the supplier, either over the phone or in person. Once the order is filled, AroFlo automatically imports the materials into the system.

No more paper-based purchase orders. No more manual data entry to record ordered materials. The time savings for your business will be enormous.

AUTOmateD supplier imports

When a supplier emails your invoice, AroFlo can ‘read’ the invoice details and auto import your ordered items directly into the system – simply allocate materials to your job, project or inventory.

Click for our full supported supplier list. If your preferred supplier isn’t currently on our list you can submit a request to have them added.

wholesaler CATALOGUE integrationS

We’ve joined forces with leading wholesale suppliers to give you instant access to their complete online product catalogues and live pricing from within AroFlo. This allows you to browse and select the exact materials you need for each job.

You’ll always access the current custom pricing you’ve negotiated with each supplier so you can be confident that the material costs in your purchase orders, quotes and invoices are 100% accurate. You’ll never run the risk of underquoting again.

Click to learn more Supplier Online Catalogues.


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