Power up your business with AroFlo & Saasu

An AroFlo-Saasu Integration Link combines the accounting power of Saasu with the strength of full featured job management software. The two systems work seamlessly together, allowing for an easy flow of information.



Get your business off to a flying start in 2017 with our exclusive Saasu offer. Sign up to AroFlo before 31st January 2017 and receive a free AroFlo-Saasu Integration Link, normally valued at $750*. To take advantage of this limited time offer, just mention this promotion on sign up. Book your demo today!

the best of both worlds

AroFlo and Saasu are both built in the cloud allowing you to run your business from any location, on any computer, at any time. Being web-based solutions means there’s no need to install expensive software on each of your business PCs and laptops. You’ll also be reassured that you’re always using the latest version and newest features of each system.

Our integration conveniently allows you do all of your job management from within AroFlo, so you don’t need to log in separately to Saasu. You can move any client or supplier updates, purchase orders and invoices across to Saasu – all from the AroFlo interface. Quite simply, it’s job management and accounting made easier.

everything you need IN ONE spot

With an AroFlo-Saasu Integration Link your staff won’t need to swap in and out of different programs to get their work completed. Everything gets done in AroFlo.

Any information you update in AroFlo will be pushed across to Saasu whenever you run the integration link. No doubling up on data entry. No wasted time on unnecessary admin tasks.

consistency across all systems

With an AroFlo Saasu Integration Link you can be confident that important financial and administration information is consistent and up-to-date across both systems.

Your integration link syncs data from AroFlo across to Saasu saving you countless hours on double data entry in both systems. Any modified information in AroFlo will be marked to be updated the next time you run your AroFlo-Saasu Integration Link. It’s that simple.

AroFlo information that can be automatically updated and synced across to Saasu includes:

  • Client and supplier details
  • Client and supplier invoices
  • Payments for client invoices
  • Cost of goods sold transactions

multi-entity integrations

If you have multiple companies, your AroFlo-Saasu Integration Link can be tailored to support your unique business structure. All of your companies can be set up in AroFlo as distinct business units and each unit’s data will be synced into separate company files in Saasu, eliminating any confusion or misplaced data.


Below is an overview of our AroFlo-Saasu Integration capabilities with detailed information on the types of data that get transferred between the two systems.

General Ledger Codes Tax Codes Clients Suppliers Purchase Orders Invoices Payments COGs
symbol_20px_square_arrowcolourpoppullblue symbol_20px_square_arrowcolourpoppullblue symbol_tick_20px_square_arrowcolourpush symbol_tick_20px_square_arrowcolourpush symbol_tick_20px_square_arrowcolourpush symbol_tick_20px_square_arrowcolourpush symbol_tick_20px_square_arrowcolourpush symbol_tick_20px_square_arrowcolourpush


symbol_20px_square_arrowcolourpoppullblue Pull data from Saasu to AroFlo
symbol_tick_20px_square_arrowcolourpush Push data from AroFlo to Saasu
symbol_20px_square_arrowcolourpoppushpullyellowgrey Push & Pull data from AroFlo and Saasu


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*Offer is only valid for new AroFlo customers who pay their full AroFlo set-up costs prior to 31st January 2017. Free Saasu integration covers one company file only. Any additional integration links for other company files will be charged at the regular rate of $750 ex-GST.