Scheduling software

AroFlo is powerful job scheduling software that ensures the right person always turns up for the right job at the right time. Simply drag and drop tasks directly into your AroFlo calendar to efficiently assign your staff to tasks in real time.

job scheduling made easier

AroFlo’s calendar gives you an instant snapshot of all your resources – field techs, contractors and even equipment. Job management is a breeze as you simply drag and drop to assign tasks to your available staff or resources.

Need to reschedule a job? No problem. Just drag and drop the task to the changed date and time, or staff member.

Job Scheduling Made Easier’

instant job despatch

Operating via the cloud means AroFlo delivers instant job notifications to your teams in the field. No more coming into the office to collect job cards – everything is sent to them electronically while they’re out on the road or on-site.

Using their smart phone or tablet to view their schedules, field technicians can choose to view task lists by scheduled date, order of priority or last created – making everything so much easier for them to find. They can even schedule work on-site via their own mobile device.

AroFlo’s calendar functions in real time so any job changes you make in the office are immediate, with everyone’s schedule instantaneously updated in the field. Urgent jobs can be dispatched in seconds, without any disruptive calls or time consuming paperwork.

asset and crew schedules

AroFlo’s calendar lets you take things one step further letting you create ‘crews’ consisting of both labour resources and assets.

So how does it work? Let’s say you have six guys all booked out to one job for three days. With your AroFlo Calendar you can easily put all of your crew on the same job card and have their individual schedules automatically updated out in the field.

Need to change the job? Simply move the job card on the calendar and the entire crew’s schedule is instantly updated in one easy step.

The calendar even allows you to assign multiple group schedules for the one job. So you can have different crews set for different days and each group schedule can be moved separately.


everything at a glance

AroFlo gives you the flexibility to customise how you view your calendar– by month, week or day, and even week or day by resource. Choose to view all of your scheduled tasks for all of your resources. Or select just a few. It’s up to you.

Resources can also be colour coded so you can quickly see which labour resources and equipment is available at any time. No more searching through paper-based schedules or job diaries trying to figure out who is working where.

your view. your choice.

Your AroFlo calendar also gives you the option to filter out certain schedules based on set criteria. Current filters include: resources, clients, locations, projects, assets, task types and priority.

When a filter is set, your calendar will only display schedules that belong to that criteria. All job cards will also be filtered by your set criteria to allow for easier scheduling.

You can adjust the calendar for how you want it to work. Move panels. Adjust the zoom. Select displayed resources. Choose multiple discontinuous days to display together. Your scheduling. Your way.

scheduling extras

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