AroFlo time billing and timesheet software solutionAroFlo time billing and timesheet software solution

AroFlo delivers a powerful Time Billing & Timesheet software solution that enables your staff to efficiently allocate time against jobs wherever they are. This real time solution ensures that time booked against a timesheet is also allocated against a job dramatically increasing billable hours and productivity.

Customer Specific Rates

You can customise AroFlo so that specific rates are allocated to jobs depending on what work type the user has selected.

The time billing software can also be customised so that specific rates are allocated to jobs based on the client the work is being performed for.

Projects Management

AroFlo can be utilised for tracking costs against projects. Field technicians can allocate time against specific parts of a project. Tracking project costs in real time ensures the best profit outcomes for your business.

PDA Software

AroFlo allows remote access to field technicians so they can enter their time as they complete jobs. This eliminates paper work, improves efficiency and improves billing accuracy resulting in increased profits for your business.

Integrated Components

The AroFlo Time Billing & Timesheet software is part of the integrated AroFlo suite that includes service management software, Project Managment Software, timesheet, invoicing and OHS / compliance software components. This provides a single interface for field technicians to document information required for efficient works management.