Lollo and Allan is a highly diversified electrical contracting company based in Townsville, Queensland. The company is increasingly becoming involved in electrical installation work in various locations across Australia.

Since acquiring the company two years ago, owner Ray Betteridge has diversified from domestic repair work to include commercial and industrial installation and maintenance as well as the installation of turbines and processing equipment.

Since 2005, the company has also grown from just four electricians to 15 with three staff running the office.

On any given day, field staff can be working on 30 different jobs.

The Problem

Given the rapid expansion of the company over the past two years, management was experiencing a serious backlog of paper work which was slowing down cash-fl ow. The company was averaging a backlog of up to 200 invoices each month.

In an attempt to alleviate the problem, the company had implemented a job scheduling, allocation and invoicing program but found that while it was helpful it did not improve effi ciency. Following a scorching Townsville summer which overheated the computer system – resulting in the need to reload new software – Betteridge decided it was time for a change.

What the company needed was a solution that would speed up the billing cycle and generally improve productivity.

The AroFlo Solution

In February 2007, Lollo and Allan implemented the AroFlo ServiceTrack smart phone system.

A powerful web-based tool, it allows all service calls and projects to be centrally managed from the time jobs are logged into the system, right through to final invoicing.

Implementation involved importing all of the details of existing customers and suppliers via Excel spreadsheet as well as creating an inventory of parts and equipment from scratch.

Once done, the system was linked to Lollo and Allan’s accounting software, including payroll and general ledger.

All field staffers were issued with an easy-to-use PDA/hand-held device which provided them with access to the central system, allowing them to view their tasks and to record all job related data such as the time and date a task commenced and was completed through to ordering and purchasing materials.

This eliminated unnecessary paperwork by eradicating time sheets and job sheets, dramatically streamlining the administration process.

During implementation, AroFlo ServiceTrack personnel were available online and by phone to ensure all training and implementation issues were addressed. Despite initial nervousness and reluctance by some members of staff to use the system, it took just seven days for Lollo and Allan to be up and running.

Because AroFlo automatically backs up information entered into ServiceTrack, should there be another “meltdown” it will no longer be necessary to reload software.

The Benefits to Lollo and Allan

Since the implementation of ServiceTrack a little less than two months ago, administrative workers at Lollo and Allan are no longer drowning in paperwork and the turnaround time for invoicing has been halved. All invoices are now completed on time at the end of each month.

Productivity has increased ten-fold – from the field supervisors through to administrative workers. Because electricians are required to close off tasks online, they are more accurate about the actual time spent on a job which has resulted in a significant increase in billable hours.

Lollo and Allan estimates its measurable gains as:

100% improvement on turnaround time on invoicing,
150% time saved managing timesheets,
40% time saved by field staff doing paperwork resulting in a
25% increase in billable hours

AroFlo ServiceTrack has breathed new life into Lollo and Allan. Everything seems so much easier and we’re more productive than ever before.

Ray Betteridge, Director, Lollo and Allan