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Client and Locations

See how easy it is to add a Client or Location in AroFlo

Learn about setup, job workflow and a few extra features.



An Assembly is a prebuilt list all of the parts and labour you need for a specific job.


AroFlo has teamed up with industry leading takeoff software Groundplan.


AroFlo takes the hassle out of stock and inventory by automating your entire purchasing process.

AroFlo’s Document Storage allows access to any file, at any time on any device.

 AroFlo lets you set multiple suppliers on an inventory item.

 AroFlo integrates with other supplier catalogues, so you can order everything from the one system

Have you discovered AroFlo global search?

AroFlo User Permission Groups allows you to grant or restrict access to users in any area of the system.

Keep your business information safe by locking down custom reports to individual users or a group of users.

Field Service


Your business deserves a better field management tool. One that uses advanced GPS technology.

A brief video tutorial on recording labour in AroFlo Field

Getting Paid

AroFlo’s Payment Gateways help you get paid faster by allowing customers to pay as soon as the job is complete.

Combine AroFlo and Xero to create a beautiful business management solution that will transform the way you run your trades business.

AroFlo also integrates with MYOB, Reckon and Quickbooks.

AroFlo Schedule of Rate let you set prices upfront rather than relying on costs and mark-ups to determine your final invoiced amount.

AroFlo’s flexible reporting allows you to report on areas of your business that are the most important to you.

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