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Help us fight hunger this Christmas

Its been a tough year for everyone, but especially those who were already in need before the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Which is why this year we’ve decided that AroFlo’s charity of choice for our Christmas fundraising drive will be Foodbank Australia.

Foodbank is Australia’s largest food relief organisation, providing 77 million meals a year to those most vulnerable around the country. Operating on such an immense scale means that every dollar donated goes amazingly far in helping those less fortunate. For example, just a single gold coin can provide two meals to an Australian going hungry.

Contrary to popular belief, Australia faces growing rates of poverty every year and COVID-19 has only worsened the situation in 2020.

Did you know that…

Australians seeking food relief has risen

The proportion of food insecure Australians seeking food relief at least once a week has risen from 15% in 2019 to 31% in 2020.

Children go an entire day without food

41% of food-insecure parents say that their children go an entire day without eating at all.

Overall food demand has risen

Foodbank Australia has seen a 47% rise in demand for food since the beginning of COVID-19.

With statistics like these in mind, the decision was a simple one for us to make. Give up a small part of our Christmas cheer this year to see it go to someone who needs it far more than we do. As such every dollar raised by our team will be generously matched by AroFlo.

We’d love it if you, our community, could also help us with this wonderful cause and show everyone that, as always, it’s tradies, service professionals and builders who are second to none in their generosity and selflessness.

Give what you can or share this post if you can’t and help us make Christmas just that little bit easier for the people who need it most.

Donate to our fundraiser here
Find out more about the amazing work done by Foodbank Australia.

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December 9, 2020
Team AroFlo
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