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Feature Updates

Big changes to AroFlo inventory management

AroFlo is starting 2016 with a bang! We’ve made some huge improvements to our inventory system which offer added flexibility when setting sell prices for your inventory items.

AroFlo’s inventory pricing was originally designed as a cost plus system which didn’t handle fixed pricing very well. But in the week’s ahead we’ll be releasing new inventory enhancements that will introduce the ability to not only set an editable fixed sell price but also provide greater options for calculating an item’s cost.

You can read a comprehensive overview of these changes on our Inventory Enhancements help page.

Learn more about the specific changes we have made to:

  • Fixed Sell Pricing
  • Cost Plus Pricing
  • Markup Hierarchy
  • Simple or Detailed Sell Pricing

Material costs

Our upcoming Inventory enhancements will offer more flexible material cost options, including a fixed or list cost, or calculated costs based on the item’s Last, Average or Max cost.

Fixed Sell Pricing

AroFlo will now let you set a dedicated and editable material fixed sell price which can be applied to quotes, tasks, invoices, purchase orders and supplier quotes.

More info: Fixed Sell Pricing

Cost Plus Pricing

With the new update you can chose one of four cost types which can then be used to apply your markup to for pricing:
• A fixed cost or ‘list’ price that you manually enter OR:
• A dynamic Calculated Cost Type based on:

• Max – the maximum cost that you’ve ever paid for the item
• Average – the average cost of the item over the last 12 months
• Last – the last cost price used for the item.

More info: Cost Plus Pricing

Markup Hierarchy

You’ll also have greater flexibility over markup hierarchies used to set pricing levels. Our new changes will allow individual item settings (if configured) to take precedent over the Business Unit settings, while Client settings will continue to over-ride both.

New Inventory Markup Hierarchy

  • Business Unit settings will be applied first.
  • Business Unit settings will be over written by Inventory level pricing (if configured).
  • Client settings will overwrite both Inventory and Business Unit settings (if configured).

More info: Markup Hierarchy

Simple or Detailed Sell Pricing

New Simple Pricing and Detailed Pricing tabs have been added to inventory items which allow you to either apply the same price settings across quotes, tasks and invoices (Simple), or use different inventory item price settings for each (Detailed).

More info: Simple or Detailed Sell Pricing

Not currently using AroFlo’s Inventory management?

If you’re not currently making the most of AroFlo’s inventory features now is the time to get started. Call your Account Manager today to set up a training session or you can read more in our Inventory help pages.

Would you like to know more?

Want to know more about these new enhancements? Call and book in a session with one of our Customer Service Team Members or Email Support via the AroFlo Help menu.

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January 27, 2016
James Burgess
Feature Updates
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