Feature Updates

Easier Project Search in Task Header

Melbourne, VIC, 29th March, 2014 –  Cloud computing technology company  i-man Pty Ltd has added some new features to IMS.

We’ve updated the Task Header area to make it easier to assign or move a task to a Project. Instead of the old drop-down list we’ve converted it to a multi-search box much like other areas in IMS.

New fields in Email Templates

We’ve added the following fields to Email Templates

  • [Invoice Amount Inc GST]
  • [Invoice Due Date]

New Event Message section for Quotes

You can now setup an Event Message based on approving a Quote. This will allow you to setup messages to (for example):

  • Automatically email your client thanking them for their business in accepting the quote
  • Automnatically email your Service Manager that there is new work that needs to me assigned/schedule

NHP now available for EasyParts

If you currently purchase any products from NHP, you might like to talk to one of our Customer Service techs about automatically importing their Invoices into IMS to help save time raising orders from the field.

Coming Soon

  • Payments via Gateways
  • Updates to the API – Create Task, Certification (by Location & by Expiry)

Task and Asset information on PO Layouts

About i-man Pty Ltd

Established 2001 providing cloud software solutions like IMS ServiceTrack, i-man Pty Ltd is focused on developing innovative software for the trades sector that are simple to use but feature rich.

Feature Updates
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April 29, 2014
James Burgess
Feature Updates
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