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Feature Updates

Extra fields on Reports

Melbourne, VIC, 21st March, 2014 –  Cloud computing technology company  i-man Pty Ltd has added some new features to IMS.

Extra fields on quote/task lists

We have added a few new fields to the PO list and Quote list.

  • Job Nr has been added to the PO List screen:
  • Due Date/Required By added to Quotes List screen:

Extra fields on Reports

We have added a couple more fields to the Task, Location and Quote Reports

  • Location Custom Fields added to Task & Location reports
  • [Task Type] and [Task Type Description] added to Quote report

We have also added Remove Filter and Remove All Filters buttons to report filters.

Extra Fields for Schedules on Calendar

We have added some more task related fields to the schedule labels area in the calender

  • Task Address
  • Task Suburb
  • Task Address Suburb
  • Task Project


Changes to the Invoice List

We’ve removed the client grouping for the Invoice list page. You are now able to sort the invoices list by any of the headings in the same manner you can sort the quote/task/po lists.

Extra field in Email Templates

We’ve added he [Checklist Notes] field to show checklist notes in the email.  These notes are different from the [Checklist Fail Note] which is the note added to a checklist item after failing the item, and the checklist has Allow Fault Escalations from this Checklist turned on.

Extra fields on Task & Invoice Layout

We have added the following fields to the Task and Invoice layouts

  • [Task Type Description]
  • [Work Type Description] in Labour Table

Coming Soon

  • Quote and PO Access permissions
  • Documents on Compliance forms and Assets in myIMS
  • Project Retentions
  • Unit of Measure on inventory

About i-man Pty Ltd

Established 2001 providing cloud software solutions like IMS ServiceTrack, i-man Pty Ltd is focused on developing innovative software for the trades sector that are simple to use but feature rich.

For Further Information Contact :

Sales Contact: David McDonald 1300 794 818 Ext 1
Customer Service Contact: Bradley Bristow-Stagg 1300 794 818 Ext 2

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March 21, 2014
James Burgess
Feature Updates
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