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Feature Updates

Find out what’s new in AroFlo

Over the last three years, the AroFlo team has tripled as we continue to offer ongoing product improvements and the highest levels of support to our expanding customer base. As a result of this amazing growth, we’ve doubled the size of AroFlo HQ and continue to invest in our system infrastructure.

This month we also added one of the ‘big four’ banks to our list of payment partners to help you get paid faster.

Read on to learn about our latest highlights:

  • Payment Gateways: connect to NAB Transact
  • Task Worksheet: update labour notes faster
  • POs & Credit Notes: tax inclusive pricing option
  • AroFlo HQ: huge office expansion
  • Hot Tip Video: AroFlo Certifications
  • What’s in the pipeline?

Payment Gateways: connect to NAB Transact

With the latest addition of NAB Transact, you can now choose from seven leading payment providers to process credit card payments via a mobile phone, or a ‘Pay Now’ link on emailed invoices.

If you’re a NAB customer, connecting to NAB Transact means you’ll get your hands on your money even faster with same day settlement for online payments to NAB accounts. Head over to the NAB website for more info.

As NAB Transact is not an official partner of our payment platform, there is a small fee of $5.00 (ex GST) per month for the use of this service.

How to connect AroFlo to NAB Transact

Task Worksheet: edit labour notes faster

If you like to include your technician’s labour notes on customer invoices, you’ll be stoked to know that you can now use description templates to quickly tidy up their notes before invoicing.

What are description templates?

POs & Credit Notes: tax inclusive pricing option

We’ve completed our roll out of ‘Tax Inc’ pricing to quotes, invoices, purchase orders and credit notes in AroFlo Office.

To save you from having to select this option every time, we’ll soon be releasing an update that allows you to set tax inclusive pricing as a default for each area in your Site Admin settings.

AroFlo HQ: huge office expansion

AroFlo HQ was literally bursting at the seams thanks to a healthy recruitment drive over the past 12 months. Recently we celebrated the opening of our new office suite which not only gives us more workstations, but also a brand spanking new kitchen that we can all fit in!

Hot Tip Video: AroFlo Certifications

AroFlo Certifications can help you keep track of your workers’ licence and certification expiry dates, renewals, and other important dates.

Click here to see more of our Hot Tip video series.

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May 11, 2018
James Burgess
Feature Updates
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