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i-man teams with Rexel and MMEM


19th June 2015

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i-man teams with Rexel and MMEM to give electricians greater online purchasing options

Software developer i-man Pty Ltd has joined forces with two of Australia’s leading electrical suppliers to integrate their online product catalogues within i-man’s cloud-based job management system, IMS. The collaboration means i-man customers can now access, browse and select Rexel and MMEM items from within their IMS software.

While other job management systems make claims to provide access to wholesaler pricing this usually involves importing lengthy product lists which quickly date or linking through to online catalogues with generic pricing. But IMS users can log in to Rexel and MMEM’s current online catalogue from within the IMS interface and access the dedicated pricing that is unique to their account with each supplier.

“A primary focus at i-man is saving our customers both time and money. By integrating supplier catalogues within IMS our customers can streamline their ordering process and inventory management,” states Guy Arrowsmith, Managing Director and Founder of i-man.

“This latest IMS development means our customers can be confident they are always accessing accurate pricing. Every time they create a purchase order, raise an invoice or provide an estimate, they can be sure they are quoting the right amount, giving them greater control and visibility of their true business operating costs.”

Customers can also take things one step further by placing orders directly with MMEM from within the IMS purchase order screen. By allowing customers to purchase materials all from within the one system, IMS saves precious time spent on duplication of processes and manual handling of paperwork. It’s expected that i-man will also offer direct purchasing from Rexel in the near future.

With shifts in the market indicating that online retail spend is increasing year-on-year, the expectation is that business online purchasing will follow suit. Wholesale suppliers who don’t support these new ways of doing business and build eCommerce platforms that make it easier for their customers to transact are at risk of being left behind.

Arrowsmith says, “Our customers are progressive with rapidly evolving business models so it’s vital for us to build our product roadmap around supporting their evolving business needs, both now and into the future. Partnering with suppliers who embrace a similar methodology is key to our ongoing success.”

i-man’s goal for the months ahead is to build upon its existing list of supported suppliers so they can provide even greater options across all trades service industries.

About i-man and IMS

i-man develops IMS, a cloud based job management software solution that currently services thousands of users across the trade, construction, maintenance and field services industries in both Australia and New Zealand. Founder and Managing Director Guy Arrowsmith established i-man after more than a decade working on the tools as an electrician. Fed up with the lack of technology applications designed specifically for tradies, Guy decided to develop his own solution.

IMS is a fully functioning job management systems that allows business owners to regain tighter control over every aspect of their business – from job management, scheduling, timesheets, purchase orders, inventory and asset management, through to seamless invoicing, accounting integration and customer communications. Users immediately notice a huge reduction in paperwork and operating costs, and a dramatic increase in billable hours, productivity and profitability.

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June 19, 2015
James Burgess
Partners & Integrations
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