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IMS customer takes out top business award

NSW based IMS customer, Dr.DRiP Plumbing, has taken out top honours in Trade Services at the 2015 Australian Small Business Champion Awards.

Recognized at the prestigious ceremony for their hard work and dedication, Dr.DRiP owners Angela and Andrew Smith have acknowledged the important part IMS played in their success.

Angela and Andrew’s strong business acumen and eagerness to integrate IMS into every aspect of their successful business, saw them rise to the top of a fiercely competitive playing field at this year’s event.

Angela has very generously taken time out to acknowledge everyone at i-man for their support and, in her words, the ‘major part’ IMS played in their win.

Hi Guy and the team at I-MAN,

We just wanted to take this opportunity to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for your involvement with helping Dr.DRiP Plumbing adopt IMS into our business.

Since using IMS we have saved money by reducing our admin head-count, the tradesmen in the field have far greater clarity and independence, plus we have become officially 100% paperless!

This has been fundamental with our recent achievement: We WON the #1 TRADE SERVICE IN AUSTRALIA for 2015!! at the Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2015.

It was for our approach, dedication and industry leadership that provided Dr.DRiP this recognition, of which you were a major part.

We consider this a MAJOR win for ALL trade business owners, across ALL trade industries, as we at Lifestyle Tradie Group Pty Ltd (our 2nd business), are in a position whereby we can share our hands-on knowledge from Dr.DRiP to ensure they too adopt technology and advance their business to result in more time, money and freedom.

A shout out to the Customer Service team for their patience, tapping their creative/solution based minds when we have thrown many a curly question…. it is greatly appreciated.

May we continue to push the boundaries and aim for excellence to assist all tradies across Australia! :)

Kind regards
Angela & Andrew Smith

Lifestyle Tradie Group Pty Ltd

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May 8, 2015
James Burgess
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