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Introducing AroPoint Asset Equipment Tracking | A smart way to keep track of your assets in the field

Complete business oversight just got a whole lot easier.

We’ve just introduced our newest AroPoint GPS feature, and you can now enjoy Asset Tracking right alongside our existing Fleet Tracking functionality.

Utilising two specialised Asset Tracking devices picked specifically for their long battery life and rugged builds, you can attach a device to any physical asset knowing they’ll last through anything.

Yabby GPS

  • 3 – year battery life
  • Sim Card Included
  • $149 ex GST (monthly cost $5)
  • Weight:101g

Oyster GPS

  • 7 – year battery life
  • Sim Card Included
  • $169 ex GST (monthly cost $5)
  • Weight:194g

Once enabled, you can track not just the location of assets but also where they’re moving, what jobs they are assigned to, whether they are used after hours, and so much more.

AroPoint’s Asset Tracking update is built like the devices it supports to be adaptable and usable for virtually any trade, service or construction business application.

If you’d like to know more about AroPoint’s Asset tracking capabilities submit a support request, and one of our customer service team will be with you very soon.

Equipment Tracking Webinar

This webinar will look at examples of equipment you might like to track, which type of tracking unit is ideal for your needs, how to install & connect your GPS device to each asset, and will run through some of the features you can use.

Feature Updates
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April 28, 2021
James Burgess
Feature Updates
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