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Feature Updates

Inventory Pricing Levels, Bulk Import Locations and More

July Product Updates

Our latest round of AroFlo updates features a major inventory enhancement that offers greater flexibility when pricing your materials and services.

We also launched a new data import tool which gives you the power to import or update data in bulk, starting with locations.

Read on to learn about our July highlights:

  • Inventory: introducing pricing levels
  • Bulk data import: add or update locations
  • Documents & photos: share links with anyone
  • Field interface: saving made simple
  • Integration updates: supplier payments and credit notes

Inventory: introducing pricing levels

Does your business use multiple levels of pricing for materials and services? AroFlo now lets you apply different pricing levels to inventory items when quoting or invoicing a job.

Our Customer Service team are on hand to assist with converting your SOR lists or updating existing inventory items to use price levels.

Learn more about pricing levels

Bulk data import: add or update locations

You can now import a list of client locations using AroFlo’s new Bulk Data Import tool! Simply drag and drop a .CSV or .XLS file and map the columns in your file to the standard fields available in AroFlo.

Need to update a site contact or phone number across multiple sites for a client? No problem – you can update them all with a single import.

Learn more about bulk data import

Documents & photos: share links with anyone

We’ve added shareable links to documents and photos which you can send to anyone. You can enable or disable a link at any time. Even ‘set and forget’ with automatic link expiries between 5 minutes and 5 years!

Learn more about documents and photos

Field interface: saving made simple

Do your field technicians sometimes forget to save when working in AroFlo Field? Our latest update ensures the Save button is always at their fingertips. No more scrolling, no excuses!

We’re progressively updating our Field interface with a fresh new look and feel. Check out the ‘Create Client’ screen for a taste of what’s to come.

Integration updates: supplier payments and credit notes

AroFlo’s popular cloud-based accounting integrations now support supplier payments and credit notes:

To enable your integration link to transfer supplier payments and/or credit notes, please contact our Customer Service team for assistance.

Using cloud-based integration

Coming soon

  • GPS updates
  • Automated timesheet entries
  • Sell inclusive of tax values on invoice items

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August 2, 2017
James Burgess
Feature Updates
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