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Feature Updates

Easier, Faster, Simpler

During April our developers focused on making some of AroFlo’s more popular features even faster and more convenient to use. From invoices and purchase orders, through to notes and inventory, we’re making every day business tasks even easier.

  • Office: expanded notes functionality
  • Inventory: faster editing of sell prices
  • Invoices: easier receipt payments across multi invoices
  • Invoices: simplified viewing of periodic invoices
  • Purchase Order Imports: new suppliers

Office: expanded notes functionality

Task Notes is one of our most popular AroFlo features so we have added them to other areas of the system.

You can now create notes in HTML, use description templates, apply access filters and view note history for: Assets, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Compliance Forms, Users, Periodic Tasks, Periodic Invoices, Projects, Suppliers and Supplier Quotes.

Inventory: faster editing of sell prices

We have added Inventory Sell price columns to inventory item’s listings under Manage > Inventory. Both cost and sell proces can now be updated from the list view, making it much easier to update multiple inventory items.

More info: Add an Inventory Items

Invoices: easier receipt payments across multi invoices

When entering payments for multiple invoices, you can now select invoices across multiple pages. This is especially useful when viewing and receipting payments for individual customers with large numbers of invoices.

More information: Receive Payments

Invoices: simplified viewing of periodic invoices

Viewing periodic invoices for clients is now much simpler with new options added to the client list and client card.

Click View > Periodic Invoices to see all periodic invoices that have been created for the selected client.

More information: Create a Periodic Invoice

Purchase Order Imports: new suppliers

We’ve continued to expand our list of supported suppliers for invoice imports. Our latest additions include:

• ActronAir• Ingram Micro• Air Conditioning Direct• Kingston Plant Hire• Air Diffusion• Madison• AKS Industries• McKay Engineering Group• Alloys• OnSite Rental Group• Anixter• Pipeline Industries• APEX• PlaceMakers• BFF Industrial• Plumbers Choice• Burdens Plumbtec• RealCold• CR Engineering• Robert Fergusson• Elite Graphix• Trade Air Australia• FilterTech• Tri-Fixx• Independent Filter Service• Waterworks

Not familiar with AroFlo’s Supplier Invoice Import functionality? Read Import Supplier Invoices to Purchase Orders.

Short and sweet

  • QUOTES: There’s a new setting in Site Admin > Service Options called Default Quote Type which allows you to select either Simple or Detailed as your default when creating new Quotes.
  • REPORTS:  A new advanced option to Reports Filters allows selected clients to be excluded from your report results.
  • PO LAYOUTS: A new Material BOM table in Purchase Order Layouts consolidates materials on a PO by grouping inventory items together – handy for large POs, supplier quoted orders or project related orders. Read more: Customise a Layout

Would you like to know more?

Want to know more about these new enhancements? Call and book in a session with one of our Customer Service Team Members or Email Support via the AroFlo Help menu.

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May 6, 2016
James Burgess
Feature Updates
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