Guy Arrowsmith

Chief Executive Officer AroFlo's position in a growth market has seen our dynamic company go through massive changes and my role as managing director has evolved with the company. From being hands on in every part of the business (doing lots of things not very well) we now have dedicated people for specific roles that do a far better job than I ever could. I now spend most of my time planning, recruiting and co-ordinating which has all been much easier having a great group of people to work with. I am very [...]

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David McDonald

Chief Operating Officer My job is to work with all areas of the business, we are one team and we work together to perform for you. I use a coaching approach and work with our people to help them enjoy what they do and then naturally do a better job for you. All teams in AroFlo work together as one, if this doesn't happen we won't achieve our goal and that's my fault. We have one goal and that is customer satisfaction. I Like Walking the dogs, Bacon and Egg’s, and [...]

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Carl Stocker

Chief Technical Officer My role is to make sure all the technical areas of AroFlo work together, ensuring your experience using AroFlo is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. It's a very challenging and exciting area in today’s world as technology used yesterday is out of date tomorrow. Every team member comes with their own unique talents and skills and I enjoy making sure we are using them to the best of their ability to provide a technical edge to Aroflo and, in turn, our customers. All our product improvements are customer driven [...]