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//Software Development

Carl Stocker

Chief Technical Officer My role is to make sure all the technical areas of AroFlo work together, ensuring your experience using AroFlo is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. It's a very challenging and exciting area in today’s world as technology used yesterday is out of date tomorrow. Every team member comes with their own unique talents and skills and I enjoy making sure we are using them to the best of their ability to provide a technical edge to Aroflo and, in turn, our customers. All our product improvements are customer driven [...]

Justin Morre

Development Manager My job includes being one of the first points of contact between our amazing customer service team and our development team. I'm also responsible for mentoring our team and keeping all of our development processes on track. In development we hope we can help streamline your workflow by introducing new features and fixing any bugs that may pop up. I Like Playing with my two husky puppies, building things in my garage, catching up with family and date nights with my beautiful wife. I Don't Like Spiders, [...]

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Donald Cameron

Database Administration and Services Manager My job is all about ACID! ... Atomicity, Consistency, Integrity, Durability. As the leader of the DBA and Data team, my role is to ensure your data is always safe, secure, available, and backed up. I Like Cars, motorbikes, engines, drift, racing, F1, D1, MotoGP, rally, JDM, breaking cars... and fixing them! I Don't Like Hybrids, bad phone lines, hitting my head on things, and Sebastian Vettel.

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