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Feature Updates

A new Site Admin interface and more

June Highlights

If you’re a Site Administrator you can now take better control of your AroFlo site thanks to our newly overhauled Site Admin interface.

System settings are now super organised, and the addition of tool tips make it even easier to find the settings you are looking for. Come and take a peek inside.

  • Site Admin: Fresh new interface
  • Site Admin: Help tools
  • Layouts: Find data elements faster
  • Layouts: Add signatures anywhere
  • Speed improvements
  • No secrets between mates

Site Admin: Fresh new interface

Less is definitely more. That’s why we’ve designed our new Site Admin interface to be simple and intuitive.

AroFlo’s entire suite of configuration settings are now consolidated into 4 easy-to-use tabs:

  • Business Units – set up your company structure and associated settings
  • Users – create and manage users
  • Settings – all system settings are now in the one place, categorised by system area i.e.: quotes, tasks, invoices etc
  • Integration – set up and manage your accounting integration settings

No more scrolling up and down, or jumping in and out of screens to find the setting you need. Our new Settings menu can be filtered by system area and features a handy search box. Start typing a keyword and you’ll find the right setting in no time.

More info: Administrator’s Guide

Site Admin: Help tools

You’ll soon become an expert in configuring AroFlo to your business requirements with the addition of tool tips in the Settings menu, and our upcoming Site Admin walk-throughs.

Not sure about a setting? Click the  


icon to see a brief explanation, including links to complete set up instructions in our help documentation.

Coming soon: Interactive walk-throughs for Site Admin will be available from AroFlo’s Help Centre in the very near future.

Layouts: Find data elements faster
Next time you’re customising a layout, try using the new search boxes within the Static Data, Dynamic Data and Table menus to help you quickly find the data elements you need.

More info: Static Data, Dynamic Data and Tables

Layouts: Add signatures anywhere

Take your layout customisation up a notch by adding multiple signature elements in various positions on a layout.

For example, on a jobsheet layout you can now easily display your client’s pre-authorisation signature at the top, and contractor or completion signatures at the bottom.

More info: Add Signatures to Layouts

Speed improvements

We have also been working behind the scenes to make AroFlo even faster. You may have notice how quick it is to now run a task report for a large selection of clients, or filter a large number of purchase orders.

No secrets between mates

Tell your mate how AroFlo transformed your business. And you could earn $250.

How does it work? When your mate calls to book in their demo, they just need to mention your name. If they sign up, we’ll bang a $250 credit on your account. And your mate gets their first month with AroFlo for free. It’s that easy.

More info: Refer a Mate

Coming Soon

  • GPS integration with timesheets
  • Reckon Hosted integration
  • Linking Asset specific forms to specific periodic variable service templates
  • Progressively rolling out global search across the entire AroFlo system
  • Updating labour and timesheet pages with new mobile friendly widgets

Would you like to know more?

Call and book in a session with one of our Customer Service Team Members or Email Support via the AroFlo Help menu.

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June 6, 2016
James Burgess
Feature Updates
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