As we continue to improve your AroFlo experience we’re excited to announce our latest upgrade to AroFlo’s email delivery service.

Why is AroFlo making these changes?

Every day we send and receive more than 60,000 emails on behalf of our customers. And our customer base just keeps on getting bigger and bigger.

At AroFlo we always aim to be proactive, rather than reactive, so we have upgraded our infrastructure to ensure there is no degradation to our email service as we expand. In fact, our email service will now be faster and more reliable, even as we continue to grow!

When are the changes coming?

Our new email system launched earlier this month. We worked hard behind the scenes to ensure the transition was seamless, so you probably didn’t even notice anything different!

The great news is, all the functions you’re familiar with will still be there and you won’t see any visual changes to the Office and Field interfaces. But you will notice a faster and more efficient delivery of emails sent from, or received, in AroFlo.

What do I need to do now?

Absolutely nothing! We’ve done all the work for you so just sit back and enjoy our improved email service. But as always, if you’d like to know more simply call one of our friendly Customer Service Team members, or

send us a support request via the AroFlo Help menu.