Melbourne, VIC, 30 October, 2014 – Cloud computing technology company i-man Pty Ltd has added some new features to IMS:

More ways to get more out of IMS

Universal Search

We’ve upgraded the search function for clients and suppliers with a brand new Universal Search function. You can now enter multiple search terms that will be search across all fields available for Clients/Suppliers, Locations and Contacts. This will allow you to, for example, search for a client based on a phone number, address or any other field you might have created using Custom Fields.

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More info: Universal Search for Clients


You can now create your own substatus that are linked to our 4 main statuses in IMS; Open, In Progress, Pending and Complete. This can greatly improve the efficiency of your workflow by being able to easily see that even though the task may be Pending, the substatus could be “Waiting for Parts” or “Waiting for Client”. You could also have Completed tasks that are “Ready for Invoice” or “Awaiting Pricing”.

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Task lists can be filtered by any of the Substatus making it very easy to just deal with those “Awaiting Pricing” tasks.

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More info: Substatus Settings and Filter by Substatus


Tags allow you to group or link tasks based on similar tags.

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More info: Current Tasks

Coming Soon

  • Drag-and-Drop to reorder Invoice line items
  • Ability to set the Invoice line items Total field which will in turn calculate the margin
  • Allow Rich Text Editor on myIMS

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