Melbourne, VIC, 14 October, 2014 – Cloud computing technology company i-man Pty Ltd has added some new features to IMS:

First of many large updates

Line Item Work Types

The first major update for quotes is to allow line item work types. This allows seperate labour rates per line item.
To activate this new feature click the icon icon next to the UR / Hrs columns on the right hand side.

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You’ll see the section expand to show the new labour charge area.

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More info: Line Item Work Types

More Detail for Detailed Quotes Summary

We’ve added a More Detail button in the Summary area on Detailed Quotes. Clicking this button will expand the summary section to give you greater detail on your costs markup and final quoted values.

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More info: Detailed Quotes: More Detail

Quote Markup on Inventory Items

For a while now we’ve had invoice markup on inventory items and we’ve now introduced quote markup to allow you to speed up your quoting process by presetting both the material and labour markups for each individual inventory item.

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More info: Edit Item – Quote Markup

Would you like to know more?

Want to know more about these new enhancements? Call and book in a session with one of our Customer Service Tech’s