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Feature Updates

Resource Zones and Geofencing

Melbourne, VIC, 4th June, 2014 – Cloud computing technology company i-man Pty Ltd has added some new features to IMS:

Assign and schedule tasks by geographical boundaries

You can now define different Zones or work areas in IMS to make assigning and scheduling tasks to your staff more effective. It can stop you from assigning a task to a resource on the opposite side of the city from where they normally work. It’s very easy to setup and is very effective in its use.

You can define these zone either by Geofence or by Suburb/Postcode list.

More info: Setup Resource Zones

myIMS Schedule List Updated

We’ve updated the Scheduled Tasks list to be more finger/thumb friendly as well as present more information on the screen since phone sizes keep increasing. We’ve also added the Entered By to the Task Sheet view so that technicians can see who created the task.

More info: Scheduled Tasks

New Fields in Reports

At your requests we’ve added a few more fields to the reports area in webIMS;

  • ENTERED_BY added to Quote Reports
  • PERIODIC_SCHEDULED_NOTES, PERIODIC_BASELINE_NOTES, Task custom fields, Location contact name, phone and suburb added to Periodic Reports
  • Schedule Start Date added as a Filter to Task Reports

Coming Soon

  • Extra Periodic Options
  • Varient Services for Periodics
  • Supplier Quotes
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June 4, 2014
James Burgess
Feature Updates
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