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September 2022 AroFlo Updates

Welcome to the September edition of AroFlo's Newsletter: a monthly roundup of our recent product enhancements and updates.

Read on to learn about our recent highlights.

  • Office: View Task from Quote worksheet
  • Assemblies: Calculated totals added
  • Office: Frequency shown on periodic task schedules
  • Field: Task Type on Quotes
  • Work Orders: Improvements
  • Purchase Orders: Transaction Terms banner
  • AroFlo Blog: Breaking the unhealthy relationship with paper
  • What's in the pipeline?

If you'd like to understand a particular feature better, please consult our help documentation.

Office: View Task from Quote worksheet

You can now open a Task related to a Quote, regardless of its status. 🧷

This is useful if you've created a Quote from a Task and need to access the task again, or if you need to access task information prior to approving the quote (e.g. task checklist, purchase/work orders, invoices).

Assemblies: Calculated totals added

Calculated totals now display when viewing or creating an Assembly. 🧮

When viewing or creating an assembly, you can now see the calculated totals down the bottom. This makes it even easier to see the assembly totals when they are added to a quote, task, or invoice.

Office: Frequency shown on periodic task schedules

Easily identify the chosen frequency cycle for a periodic task. 🔄

The frequency is now shown on schedules for periodic tasks—this is handy in identifying periodic tasks and knowing how far ahead you can adjust the schedule, if necessary.

Field: Task Type on Quotes

Task Type now displays on the Quote worksheet.

We've made the Task Type of a Quote visible on the Quote worksheet in AroFlo Field, making this consistent with Tasks.

Work Orders: Improvements

We've made some improvements to Work Orders!

You can now edit the task a work order is linked to. Just click Task in the order details and either type in the field or click the magnifier to search for the relevant task.

Additionally, to make it easier to keep track of status changes to your work orders, we've added the following event messages:

  • Work Order - Create
  • Work Order Status - Pending Approval
  • Work Order Status - Approved

AroFlo Blog:

Breaking the unhealthy relationship with paper. 📄

We’re bringing more and more technology into our homes and personal lives, but the push to ditch paper in trade businesses has been much slower.

Our most recent blog post investigates the reasons for the resistance to transitioning from paper to digital among trade businesses.

Read more

What's in the pipeline?

  • Online Quotes and Invoices: adding the ability to Ask a Question and attach Docs & Photos
  • Task and Quote Preview: additional functionality
  • Global Search improvements: search box makeover and additional fields to search on: Invoices and Purchase Orders
  • Bulk Download: the ability to select which files to download
  • Bulk Download: added to other areas of AroFlo

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