Feature Updates

More Settings, More Fields, More Notes

Melbourne, VIC, 10th June, 2014 – Cloud computing technology company i-man Pty Ltd has added some new features to IMS:

Giving you more! New Client Settings

We’ve added a couple of new fields and features to Clients to allow for reporting on when you created the client and allowing client based minimum labour on tasks.

  • Added Minimum Labour Charge to Client Settings and Defaults, Extra Settings area
  • Added Date Created field to Client Worksheet. This defaults to the date the client was created in IMS, but can be modified if client existed before using IMS.
  • Added ability to select a Default Transaction Term for new clients in SiteAdmin. Go to Service > Options > Transaction Terms and select one as default. All new clients created will use this default.

More info: Transaction Terms & Client Settings

More Fields in More Areas

We’ve made a lot of small additions to Reports, Event Messages, Layouts and Periodics as listed below:

  • Added Location Custom Fields to Periodics report
  • Added Task Status filter to Invoice reports
  • Added Last Mon – Fri as option for Periodics generation
  • Added Task Location Contact to list of TO or FROM options in Event Messages
  • Added
  • [Inv. To] to Material table in PO Layouts to show the assign inventory to resource
  • Added [Asset Location] to the Assets table in PO Layouts
  • Added Entered By and Completed By (user) fields and custom fields to custom form layouts
  • Added [Task Description] to Invoice layouts
  • Added [SOR Level] to Material and SOR Items tables on Invoice layouts
  • Added [Material Cost Total] to Dynamic Data in Invoice layouts

Task Notes

You might have already noticed that we’ve made some changes to the way that Task Notes are displayed in webIMS. They will now by default, show the last three notes on the task, with a button at the top of the list of notes to expand and show all notes. The notes are also shown with a set height. If the content of the email is greater than that height, either click or hover the mouse over the note to have the note expand to its full height.

More info: Task Notes

Coming Soon

  • Varient Services for Periodics
  • Supplier Quotes
  • Various smaller updates

Feature Updates
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May 5, 2014
James Burgess
Feature Updates
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