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Feature Updates

COGs, Logouts and Imports

Melbourne, VIC, 15  December, 2014 – Cloud computing technology company i-man Pty Ltd has added some new features to IMS:

New features for integration and information on issues facing some of our clients

COGs for XERO and Saasu

The IMS integration for XERO and Saasu now support the transfer of COGs. If you need to track the total cost of inventory purchased against the cost of goods sold and you are using the integration for XERO or Saasu, please contact your Account Manager so they can assist you setting up this feature.

More info: Comparison of Data: COGs

Supplier Imports for Haymans, AWM and TLE

If you buy parts from either Haymans, AWM or TLE you may experience issues when importing their invoices into your IMS site. This is due to the suppliers not being consistent when issuing invoices. IMS requires that imported invoices have a set consistant format in order to successfully import. If you are experiencing any issues with your Supplier Invoice Imports, please contact your IMS Account Manager.

Coming Soon

  • Time Block Billing
  • Ability to change task on Purchase Orders
  • Show Project Manager on project list

Would you like to know more?

Want to know more about these new enhancements? Call and book in a session with one of our Customer Service Tech’s.

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December 15, 2014
James Burgess
Feature Updates
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