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Feature Updates

User Controls and Additions

User Controls and Additions

Melbourne, VIC, 28th March, 2014 –  Cloud computing technology company  i-man Pty Ltd has added some new settings on Users in your SiteAdmin console to give you greater control over what IMS Features your Base and Manager level users have access to.

You can now control what access to Quotes users have, as well as the pricing visibility in Quotes. Also for the first time you can control access to Purchase Orders, even blocking access from field workers if you require greater control on spending.

Documentation: Feature Access for Users

Log IMS Account Enquiries through webIMS

We’ve added a new option to the Help > Email Support page when selecting “What is the reason for your request?” called “I have an account enquiry”.

This new option allows you to submit non-urgent requests to our Accounts Department. As always, if you have an urgent request, please call us on 03 9259 5200.

Signatures on Quotes from myIMS

Quotes have been updated in myIMS to be able to record signatures so that you can record the clients acceptance of the quote on your device.

New Suppliers Available for Purchase Order Import

We’ve added support for 5 new Suppliers to email import for Supplier Invoices.

  • M&G Industrial Supplies Pty Ltd
  • AJ Baker & Sons Pty Ltd
  • Polyaire Pty Ltd
  • H&K Restaurant Systems
  • Heatcraft Australia Pty Ltd

If you use any of these suppliers and receive their invoices via email, talk to your IMS Trainer about setting up automated email imports.

Easier to record Task Notes from the Office

We’ve updated the Add Task Note (HTML) button on tasks in webIMS to now open the editor directly below the button, exactly the same as the  Add Task Note (Text) button.

Extra fields in Layouts

We’re constantly updating the fields available on all of our layouts. Here are the latest editions.

  • Updated all Location fields across all layouts to use either the Client Location if set or the Client Address if no location set on the task.
  • Labour Break-Up table added to Quote layouts for Detailed Quotes

[Asset Task Notes (ex Time,User)] added to Assets table

  • [Task Client Short Name] added to Task details on Invoice layouts
  • [Mat_used Date] added to Materials table on Invoice Layouts
  • A few quick additions

    Some updates are so small that they don’t warrant a more detailed explanation but are non-the-less important.

    • Ability to search tasks by Client Name
    • Added “Client Account Manager” to event message FROM and TO sections
    • Added number of PO’s, Invoices, Forms and Documents to relevant sections in webIMS and myIMS
    • You can now filter reports by Business Unit
    • Updated Multi-Search boxes to wrap the text of Item Description and PartNr fields
    • Added “Filter By” section to client list in Xero/Saasu integration


    • Added option in Email Defaults for clients to turn Track Emails & Read Receipts off and if left at System Default they will use what was set on the Business Unit.

    Coming Soon

    • Documents on Compliance Forms and Assets from the Field interface myIMS
    • Project Retentions
    • Unit of Measure on Inventory

    About i-man Pty Ltd

    Established 2001 providing cloud software solutions like IMS ServiceTrack, i-man Pty Ltd is focused on developing innovative software for the trades sector that are simple to use but feature rich.

    For Further Information Contact :

    Sales Contact: David McDonald 1300 794 818 Ext 1
    Customer Service Contact: Bradley Bristow-Stagg 1300 794 818 Ext 2

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    March 28, 2014
    James Burgess
    Feature Updates
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