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Feature Updates

Variant Service Templates

Melbourne, VIC, 19th June, 2014 – Cloud computing technology company i-man Pty Ltd has added some new features to IMS:

One Periodic to Rule Them All

Periodic Variant Services

You can now customise a Periodic Template with Varient Service Templates to allow for different Checklists, Assets, Documents, Materials or Compliance Forms based on the service interval, e.g. Servicing different assets on Monthly, Quarterly and Annual intervals.

This is an INCREDIBLY powerful new option for service contracts and can reduce the number of templates required

More info: Variant Service Templates

Updates to Reports and Layouts

More fields are now available from Reports and Layouts:

  • The Task CustON as been added to PO Reports
  • Resource Zones have been added to Client and Task Reports
  • Added the Address / Client_Address / Location Address fields from the Task Reports to Invoice Reports.
  • Added

[Material (takeoff)] table to Invoice LayoutsComing Soon

  • Super Secure Password Encryptions
  • Google Calendar Integration (This is a big project and will take some time)
  • Supplier Quotes

Would you like to know more?

Want to know more about these new enhancements? Call and book in a session with one of our Customer Service Tech’s

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June 19, 2014
James Burgess
Feature Updates
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