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Short, insightful videos which highlight how AroFlo has changed the WorkLife of our customers.

Reed Plumbing & Drainage Solutions

Before AroFlo, the process of logging jobs meant no one at Reed Plumbing and Drainage was a stranger to trekking back to the office after work. The team used digital cameras to take photos on-site, which resulted in SD cards frequently being lost or misplaced. Back at the office, this made keeping track of individual jobs files an absolute nightmare.

Andrew J Robertson Plumbing

Doing a lot of program maintenance work, Andrew's business benefited from the ability to easily schedule periodic maintenance jobs from the office in AroFlo, but also created a system to support field technicians to navigate the complexities of being on the road.

Online Air & Solar

Life before AroFlo involved a lot of manual processes – jobs tracked via spreadsheet; scheduling done via mobile phone and whiteboard; paper compliance forms; and too many steps in the lifecycle of each job. To use Robert’s words, it was "organised chaos". Late nights in the office, missed invoices, and all the headaches that come with that. So, what changed?

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