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Comprehensive, end-to-end Field Management Software

Capture info on the go and reduce the pain of end-of-day admin

“My competitors have eight office admin staff doing everything I do on my iPad in the field. And it’s all because of AroFlo.”

Stuart White – AMT Industries

Field Service Software Aroflo

Access everything in the field

AroFlo lets you manage your entire fleet using one easy field management system. Whether you’re working in the office or out on the road, everything you need is at your fingertips.

You can track every job from start to finish, no matter where you are. So you’ll never miss a beat.

Staff scheduling, timesheets, job management, quoting, purchase orders, inventory, workplace safety, staff certifications, GPS tracking document storage, invoices, customer payments, accounting integrations and more.

Everything you need can be accessed and processed using any mobile device, in any location.

Work smarter and faster

With AroFlo you can schedule new jobs and projects on the spot. You’ll never need to call around or look through your job diary to find your closest available team member for your next job.

Using AroFlo’s powerful Calendar, Map and GPS tracking you can route your nearest technician to a job. You can even set geozones for staff and resources that allocate them to particular zones and areas to work in.

You’ll wow your customers with faster response times, save on fuel costs and get your business running like a well-oiled machine.

Runs on any mobile device

Runs your business on ANY mobile device

AroFlo was always built for the cloud so, unlike other field service software, it’s a genuine SaaS solution. It’s fast, reliable and flexible so it can grow with your changing business demands.

Using smart phones, tablets or other mobile devices, your field technicians can immediately share job information with your office staff for instant invoicing and issues management. You’ll save time, improve staff productivity, eliminate paperwork and minimise costly mistakes.

AroFlo is designed to give you complete visibility across your entire business so you stay in control. You’ll always know where your staff are, what they’re working on, and when they finish.

Live GPS tracking

AroFlo offers real-time GPS that works on most mobile devices and supports a range of vehicle tracking units. You can monitor and manage your entire fleet – anytime, anywhere.

AroFlo’s GPS job tracking system traces your team’s every movement across the day. Whether they’re working on-site, picking up materials from a supplier or travelling to their next job; AroFlo’s got them covered.

Our automated Timesheet Tracking also captures every hour on the job – even when staff forget. With just a few clicks you can instantly feed labour hours into timesheets and job cards.

You can invoice with confidence knowing you have supporting data which offers complete transparency for clients. You’ll never miss a billable hour.

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