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Missing invoices. Incorrect timesheets. Mountains of paperwork. It was a situation threatening to sabotage Don Neale’s business. Not to mention his sanity. Then Don discovered AroFlo. We turned Don’s business around by streamlining processes with our cloud-based job management software. Don now spends more time in the field sharing his knowledge with the team.

The situation

Do you like finishing your busy work day fixing timesheets and processing invoices? No? Neither did Don Neal. Managing the huge volume of paperwork coming in and out of his office was becoming a second job. Something had to change.

But Don’s problem was deeper than just administration. It was impacting revenue. Here’s why.

His electricians weren’t filling out their timesheets as soon as a job was finished. When they finally got around to it (sometimes weeks later), customers were often under-charged or charged at the wrong rate. Invoices for parts and equipment would go astray; when found, they were often illegible.

To add to Don’s woes, his daughter, who’d been successfully running the office for several years, became critically ill, forcing Don to pick up the pieces.

Don was desperate for a solution to rescue him from his management and paperwork nightmare.

The solution

Saving time

A powerful cloud-based tool, AroFlo allows Don to centrally manage all service calls and projects from the time jobs are logged in the system, through to final invoicing.

While the online tool is a time-saver for Don, it also gives his team the flexibility to travel directly to the job. No more wasted time tracking back to the office to collect client and job information.

Staff are accountable

Upon job completion, Don’s team records data, such as start and finish times, materials purchased and any OH&S issues via their smart phones. It’s all in real-time, so office staff can immediately kick off the billing process. “Entering everything online has put an end to losing wholesaler invoices or struggling to remember job details,” says Shane Phelan, electrician.

It’s led to a positive culture where staff are accountable. Office Manager Felicity West agrees: “AroFlo ensures we’re all accountable. The team appreciates that being accurate has a positive impact on everyone else down the line.”

Straightforward implementation

AroFlo’s implementation into Don’s business was straightforward. Our software integrates with MYOB accounting software so it was simply a matter of downloading customer and supplier details, and then creating an inventory of parts and equipment. Throughout the process the Aroflo team was on hand to answer any questions – no matter how big or small.

At first, some senior field staff found the technical aspects a bit tricky to master. We trained and provided continual support to Don’s team online and over the phone, working around their hectic schedules.

Over the years, Don has embraced some of AroFlo’s more advanced features such as its OH&S facility for compliance purposes.

AroFlo gives me more time out in the field. I’m no longer a slave to paperwork

The results

The biggest windfall for Don and his team since implementing AroFlo is the massive gains in productivity. Turnaround time for invoices has improved 100%

The most I have to do these days when it comes to our month-end invoicing,” says Don, “is a quick check of the overall pricing and some tidying up.
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Don Neal Electrical is a leading commercial, industrial and maintenance electrical contracting company, working with major energy companies, commercial and industrial operations.

Joined AroFlo: 2006

Located in: Mackay, QLD

Industry: Electrical

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