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Standing apart from the crowd in an industry as competitive as plumbing is no small feat, but it’s just another day at the office for Andy Smith and the team at Dr.DRiP Plumbing. The eight-strong team are a confident bunch, and it’s easy to see why with over 20 years spent providing exceptional service to a variety of clients throughout Sydney. But their success is hard-won, and in recent years the business has shifted dramatically to meet the growing advance of digital technology, something that has affected all plumbing businesses regardless of size or scope.

The situation

*This case study was written and produced at the time Andy and Angela Smith owned and operated Dr. DRiP Plumbing in Sydney, prior to selling the business in October 2022. They have gone on to dedicate themselves to their trade education business, Lifestyle Tradie.

For Andy and his team, though, the central challenge was to find not just any old digital system but one that augmented their already streamlined business structure while causing zero disruption to their day-to-day operations. Then there was the challenge of ensuring that their customers received a constantly improving level of service and communication, backed by the latest technology available.

The challenge for Dr.DRiP Plumbing was twofold. First, find a system that allowed them to go 100% paperless without exception, meaning everything from timesheet recording to office documents needed to be completely digitised but still accessible on demand.

The second challenge was to broaden the business’s communication options, allowing technicians to make contact in ways other than phone calls to ensure that crucial information like arrival times and updates were reaching customers without exception.

The end goal? Cut down on wasted hours spent completing tasks by hand while automating customer correspondence in ways that led to better client relations and more work for the business.

Luckily, AroFlo’s suite of job management and communication tools were just the ticket, and Dr.DRiP Plumbing now has a software solution capable of meeting every need their business has today and into the future. Read on to find out more about why Andy’s business and AroFlo were a perfect match.

The solution

For Andy and the team, AroFlo offered a chance to step away from the lengthy manual tasks that plagued their workday and finally look toward the future. With a central location for all their documentation, the team no longer felt bogged down pushing paperwork from one system to another, letting them make customer service their number one priority.

To achieve their lofty goal of exceptional client communication, they took advantage of AroFlo’s full SMS integration with MessageMedia, allowing them to dispatch text messages to clients and technicians out in the field from within their job management software in seconds. This meant the client knew exactly when to expect their technician, and the technician knew what job they’d been scheduled to do next.

Being fast and easy to use, the entire team could get on board, aided in part by AroFlo’s systemised implementation process, which let Andy integrate the software across his entire business with minimal disruption to his team. Implementing SMS into their system was also a breeze, taking only a matter of minutes to have the integration fully set up. The biggest advantage, according to Andy, was the prewritten SMS templates, a huge timesaver for busy technicians out in the field.

Or as Andy puts it himself:

“Implementing AroFlo into our business has changed it drastically – we have reduced a considerable number of overheads, and our team is able to do so much more as a result”.

The results

The results for Dr.DRiP Plumbing have been both remarkable and visible, with Andy and the team now enjoying life as a 100% paperless business. Overheads are down, and the team can handle every part of the day-to-day job management process from within one software solution, a dream outcome for Andy, who values efficiency without compromise.

In the field, technicians can now send SMS messages to clients advising them that they’re about to call, which has drastically increased the answer rate of calls from 60% to 96%, according to Andy.

It goes without saying, too, that client relations have improved across the board as a result of AroFlo’s SMS capabilities. “It’s fast, easy to use and provides our customers with full transparency”, says Andy.

Now, as a result of AroFlo’s software tools, Dr.DRiP Plumbing is able to continue providing the always-improving service they pride themselves on.

“The adoption of technology is nonnegotiable for any successful trade business, and AroFlo is the perfect fit for us”

Andy Smith – Dr.Drip Plumbing

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Plumbing Services for Residential, Real Estate, Strata, Commerical and Industrial

Joined AroFlo: 2014

Located in: Sydney, NSW

Industry: Plumbing

Number of Employees: 8

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