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Still running complex, large-scale projects off an old paper-based system? Meet Kirsty Caldwell, Evergreen Turf’s Operations Coordinator. Four years ago, with a rapidly expanding turf and landscaping business and new projects on the horizon, Kirsty and the team were drowning in paper. Painfully printing out project notes, staff schedules and alterations to plans multiple times, consuming a whole lot of resources. Evergreen Turf knew they needed an easier and faster way to handle multiple quotes, tasks and projects. It was time for a change.

The situation

Old and clunky. That’s what Evergreen Turf’s staff were faced with every day. Having to enter endless amounts of data into spreadsheets, manually adjust quotes, invoices, job notes and staff schedules was increasingly time-consuming.

It was a real struggle and one that wasn’t allowing the office team to focus on what they needed to most, the management of Evergreen Turf’s projects.

The teams in the field were finding it tough. With no efficient way to get information to the office like site photos, clock on and off data and orders for extra materials, things became even more frustrating with each project.
Kirsty knew that clear team communication was vital for maintaining their track record of running projects on time and budget. Using an old school, offline, print everything system was costing time and money and maybe the future of Evergreen Turf.

The solution

Evergreen Turf needed a system that would support the growth they had planned for. One that would be designed not only for the office but for the teams in the field for many years to come.

Moving to a cloud-based job management system was a big decision.

After thorough market research, Evergreen Turf agreed that AroFlo would best suit their complex and growing field-based business.

Kirsty was aware the transition to AroFlo was going to take time and be a challenge, coming from an entirely paper-based system. But it would be a change that Evergreen Turf would see real benefits from.

The business is much easier to organise using AroFlo’s time-saving features like:

  • Customised invoice and quoting templates
  • Easy tracking of start and finish times
  • Streamlined purchase orders
  • On-the-go invoicing for project tasks and stages

The biggest benefit has been to the teams in the field, who can now enter vital information such as health and safety checklists, site photos, evidence of completed works, compliance forms, alterations and detailed project notes. This has then empowered the office team to solve any problems quickly.

Now that AroFlo is an integral part of the business, having easy-to-access, ongoing support is vital to solving any problems or learning new features.

“The interaction with the AroFlo team has always been good. I quite often get help via email or the live chat and we always find a solution to any issues we might have.”

Kirsty, Operations Co-ordinator — Evergreen Turf

The results

The transformation from an old paper-based system into the latest cloud-based job management software has been a huge change and benefit for Evergreen Turf:

“We are always looking for ways to be more efficient (and hence profitable). We believe Aroflo provides us with an effective means of achieving this.”

The Evergreen Turf team love the ability to tailor their invoices and add in their own fields to several areas of AroFlo to record the information they need.

“AroFlo has a lot of custom settings that you can tailor to your own needs, which is a massive bonus and something a lot of other programs don’t have.”

But which feature is the favourite?

“The calendar! We have several jobs on the go the calendar makes the tasks so easy to allocate to staff and move around if needed. Thank you AroFlo.”
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Evergreen Turf provides maintenance, landscaping, construction services and machinery sales, specialising in sports fields and racecourses.

Joined AroFlo: 2016

Located in: Pakenham, VIC

Industry: Horticultural

Number of Employees: 50

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