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Ever dreamed of spending more time on your passions and less on your business? Justin Morris from Precision Electrical and Plumbing certainly did. So this Melbourne tradie decided to transform his business by merging the job management power of AroFlo with Xero accounting software. And it’s a winning combination that helped him streamline his business processes so he has more time for his overseas charity work.

The situation

Justin Morris is a rarity in tradie terms – he is both a plumber and an electrician. It’s a winning combination and huge drawcard for Justin’s clients. But as his business sky-rocketed, Justin was drowning under an avalanche of paperwork.

By day, he was on the tools servicing clients in and around the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. By night he was invoicing clients, chasing missing payments and piecing together handwritten job cards and incomplete timesheets.

It was a chaotic situation; one that meant Justin wasn’t spending time doing what he loved. Or focusing on his business goals.

That’s where AroFlo came in. It was more than just another business tool for Justin. It helped him get on top of his business and also gave him more time to dedicate to what he loves most – helping others.

“The end goal for my business is to make money, but not so I can live in a big house and drive a flashy car. My passion lies in using my trade skills to help those who are less fortunate in the community.”

The solution

One of the challenges tradies like Justin face is that they set out to be tradies – not business owners. The business duties can come as a bit of a shock for those wanting to simply keep working on the tools.

A nugget of advice that Justin learnt early on was to set his hourly rates based on a profit margin – not from what his mates were telling him at the pub. The total profit margin percentage at the bottom of every AroFlo quote tells him whether he can afford to take a job, or whether he will lose money by doing so. It’s become his favourite AroFlo feature.

“I now quote every job based on margin. I don’t send the quote until AroFlo tells me I have hit that magical percentage. It’s the smartest way to run my business.”

Another huge benefit is AroFlo’s integration with Xero accounting software. Being cloud-based solutions, Xero and AroFlo ‘talk’ to each other in real time which supports a seamless flow of client data and financial information between both systems.

In the field, Justin uses AroFlo to schedule jobs, order materials, invoice clients and more. It means he can do once deskbound tasks on the run, using his phone.

And with a simple click of his Xero integration link in AroFlo, Justin’s client data, purchase order and invoice information get instantly updated across both systems, meaning he can stay on top of his financials at all times.

Justin’s bookkeeper reconciles his monthly bank statements in Xero, which then pushes all client payment details back into AroFlo. There’s no jumping from one program to another to get simple tasks done. And it means Justin can see in an instant if a client still owes him money before accepting a new job with them.

The biggest benefit for Justin? The savings in time.

“I’ve got four kids and they’re growing up fast – you never get that time back. Now, instead of me spending hours and hours doing bookwork every evening, it’s just an hour or so a day.“I’d highly recommend AroFlo to anyone. I haven’t found a better solution yet!”

Justin Morris, Owner — Precision Electrical and Plumbing

The results

AroFlo’s efficiency improvements have given Justin more time to focus on his true passion – charity work. Justin works with We Can’t Wait, a charity organisation that helps build toilet facilities for Indian school kids in rural areas.

Justin’s ultimate goal is to get off the tools entirely and move into a strategic managerial role within his business, freeing up more time for the charity work that he finds so rewarding.

“My business was stagnant when I worked on paper. As soon as I shifted to AroFlo, everything sped up. I could focus on marketing the business, and my charity work.”

Irrespective of your business or personal goals, AroFlo is the ultimate all-in-one tool for tradies. It’s jam-packed with commercially savvy features like profit margin analysis and accounting integrations, as well as covering off the job management basics like job tracking and staff scheduling.

Justin’s final words of advice?

“New business owners might think they’re saving money on technology if they stick to a paper-based system, especially in the beginning as they struggle with cash flow. But in the long run they’ll waste a lot of time and money. Integrating both AroFlo and Xero was the best decision I ever made. It transformed not only my business, but also my life.”

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Precision Electrical and Plumbing is a dual-trade maintenance company servicing the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, performing repairs and maintenance for domestic and small commercial clients.

Joined AroFlo: 2013

Located in: Armadale, VIC

Industry: Electrical, Plumbing

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