Alpha Cool Case Study

Marty Wittebol was on the hunt for a powerful job management system that could give him complete visibility across his entire business. A full featured solution that could help Marty work smarter, not harder.

Marty stumbled across AroFlo and the rest is history. No more paper trails, no more lost revenue. AroFlo’s productivity and efficiency gains helped Marty grow his business from a sole trader to a thriving 40-plus team. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Alpha Cool Case Study AroFlo

Business Profile

What they do: Based in Northern Queensland, Alpha Cool performs air conditioning, refrigeration and electrical repairs, maintenance and installation services.

Who they help: Government and commercial businesses, as well as domestic clients.

With AroFlo since: 2012

Located in: Cairns, Port Douglas and Townsville, Qld

Industry: Air conditioning, refrigeration and electrical.

Number of employees: 42


We’d all agree that growing a small business is hard work. By day you’re on the tools, by night you’re up to your neck in paperwork, sorting through an administrative avalanche.

Marty Wittebol, Managing Director of Alpha Cool, was working 16 hour days and was three months behind on his invoicing. Concerned about cash flow issues and the risk of going broke, Marty had a big decision to make. Stay as a one-man band slogging away working long hours. Or get smarter about the way he ran his business.

Marty joined forces with a former colleague and made some strategic changes that had a big impact on his business. AroFlo played a significant
part in Alpha Cool’s evolution, helping to elevate them to the next level. And Marty hasn’t looked back.


The road to AroFlo wasn’t exactly smooth. Marty originally trialled a competitor product, spending a fortune on training and set up costs. He quickly realised the system wouldn’t integrate with a core component of his business – the on-going maintenance of air-conditioning and refrigeration units. It was a deal breaker.

Then someone recommended AroFlo as a cost-effective and practical alternative. With a background working for large multinationals, Marty recognised he was getting the value of a $400K enterprise solution at a fraction of the cost and with no massive up-front capital outlay.

AroFlo’s comprehensive training was another big winner. With the competitor system Marty struggled to learn the basics. But with AroFlo he had no issues finding his way around the system in just a few weeks.

AroFlo delivered the powerful job management solution that Marty was looking for. It turned Alpha Cool around and enabled Marty to run his business efficiently and smoothly. His team
went from handwriting everything on service dockets and constantly chasing paperwork, to automating every process and never missing a billable hour.

Best of all, AroFlo is cloud-based which means Marty now has full control of his business from anywhere. “I don’t need to be sitting in my office. As long as I have internet access I can see every job running through my business.”

Thanks to AroFlo, Marty has said goodbye to 16-hour labour-intensive days. There’s been a massive increase in billable hours and productivity. And a huge drop in Marty’s stress levels.

“We couldn’t have grown from just me to having a 40-strong team if it wasn’t for AroFlo.”

Marty Wittebol, Managing Director — Alpha Cool
Alphacool Case Study AroFlo


Alpha Cool’s entire team now use AroFlo across every facet of the business, either in the office or from the field.

And the benefits have been huge:

  • 30 second invoices instead of 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Automated timesheets – no lost billable hours.
  • Unproductive, idle time easily identified to help manage technicians’ daily productivity.
  • One-stop shop: All job and customer details, parts and service history can be tracked and accessed from anywhere.

For a business that started on paper, AroFlo has helped Alpha Cool transform into a streamlined, efficient organisation that now dominates the Northern Queensland market.

And Marty has complete visibility of his growing team and full confidence in the financial viability of his ever-expanding business operations both now, and into the future.

“I’d highly recommend AroFlo to anyone. I haven’t found a better product yet!”

30 second invoicing
zero missed jobs
Billable hours

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