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As a security professional, your job is to keep businesses and homes safe from the threat of burglary. On top of that, you have the ever-present stress of running a business. AroFlo lets you reduce the time spent on admin tasks by streamlining the way you operate every day.

No matter the size or scope of your security protection business, AroFlo supports the core processes that you rely on such as project management, scheduling, maintenance, GPS tracking, inventory management, quoting, and invoicing.

However you choose to manage your security protection business, our powerful job management software delivers the features to support your growing business.

See how AroFlo gets your security protection business running like a well-oiled machine

AroFlo allows you to easily manage tasks of all complexities, from business and residential security system installations, routine maintenance and testing through to large-scale smart security and automation. Through real time job allocation and data capture, jobs can be allocated and scheduled while on site or on the move.

Job requirements can be entered into the system and updated while in the field, letting you settle your paperwork and invoice clients the moment a job is complete. This reduces the need to travel back to the office, and in turn leads to more billable hours by allowing your staff to service more customers every day.

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