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Offline Job Management: Stay Connected Outside Mobile Coverage AreasAroFlo Offline

Every now and then you’ll be out on a job but you can’t get a mobile signal. It’s bloody annoying but don’t stress. If you’re using AroFlo Offline you can still get on with the job.

AroFlo’s offline functionality lets you add information to a job card even when you’re outside of mobile coverage areas.

You can record your labour, materials, expenses, and even capture signatures. You can also add multiple notes to your task.

A true cloud solution

Unlike other products, AroFlo is a true cloud based software solution offering genuine field mobility – anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re in a lift well or stuck down a mine shaft, you can enter all your information onto the job and then upload it later when you have a signal.

You’ll never have to write down job details on a piece of paper only to have to enter them again at a later date.

No double entry, cut down on paperwork, save precious billable hours – all of this can be achieved with AroFlo Offline.