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Asset management

AroFlo is one of the most powerful asset management software tools for the trades and field service industries.

Jobs can have one or multiple assets linked to them along with the assets’ full service history. You can even run extensive reports on assets to provide clients with up to the minute costings.

In the field or the office

Powerful asset management is just a click away!

Multiple assets

AroFlo gives you the flexibility to add one or multiple assets to periodic or routine maintenance jobs. You can also view asset information, service history and service or compliance forms from the job card.

Whether you’re in the field or the office, working from a smart phone or desktop – you’ll have powerful asset management at your fingertips.

Field asset management

Assets can be added, removed or changed from a routine maintenance job in the field and then automatically updated on the next scheduled maintenance list. This is perfect for Fire Services and Catering Equipment service industries as assets can be removed, added or changed on-site.

Reactive service & break down jobs

Reactive service or break down jobs can also have multiple assets attached to a job card. When you get a reactive service call from a client that has more than one asset at the same site you can do this as one job. This means that you are able to report on an individual asset’s service history but you only need to raise one job for your field technicians to work on.

Documents and Files

Assets can have documents linked to them so field technicians can access crucial information on the job. Documents like site diagrams, wiring diagrams, service manuals, how-to guides, photos or even instructional or induction videos can be easily added to an asset.

Barcode Scanning

AroFlo lets you use any mobile device as a barcode scanner. Simply use your iPhone, Android or iPad to find or add the correct asset in the field.