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Facilities management software

AroFlo facilities management software provides a number of features that assist facility managers with their day to day operations. Providing a centralised web based interface for tracking works, AroFlo assists to improve productivity.

Periodic Tasks / Programmed Maintenance

AroFlo supports the tracking of periodic maintenance. Tasks are generated on their due date and stay in the list of current tasks until they are closed off. This ensures tasks do not get missed and historic information on works performed is readily available. Great for property management business and staff.

Custom Compliance Form

AroFlo provides the ability to create custom compliance forms and checklists to suit the environment you operate in. Allowing you to build a catalogue of document templates, they can be easily retrieved and completed on site or in office 24/7.

Asset Maintenance

AroFlo Facilities Management software supports the tracking of tasks against individual items of asset, enabling you to easily identify problematic assets that may need to be replaced.

Non-Compliance Items

AroFlo supports the tracking of non-compliant items. The system can be set up so that when a compliance item fails the system, it generates a non-compliance task that can then be tracked through until it is resolved.

Mobile devices

AroFlo is cloud based software which means it is portable and can be accessed wherever you have internet access reducing the document management issues you may have.

Integrated Components

The Facilities Management software solution is part of the integrated AroFlo suite that includes service management software, project management software, timesheet, invoicing and OHS / compliance software components. Providing a single interface for field technicians to document information, AroFlo ensures efficient works management process in your business.