Powerful Pricing Flexibility

AroFlo gives you a range of ways to tune
your pricing to the needs of your business

Pricing made easy

Do you use standard default markups across your entire business?

Perhaps your business requires different pricing levels for inventory items – wholesale and retail, or domestic, commercial and government pricing?

Maybe you do recurring work for VIP clients and offer a special discount, while your other clients are charged the standard rate?

Set Fixed Price Levels or Use different Markup Percentages

Whether you’re a sole trader with a very simple pricing structure or a large company with a range of pricing strategies, AroFlo makes it easy for you to set exactly the prices you need.

  • Set markups that apply to an entire business unit, an inventory item, or an individual client.

  • Have different markups for quoted work, do-and-charge work, and over-the-counter sales.

  • Change the markup on a particular quote or task.

  • Have clients with different fixed price levels that you setup.

Offering complete flexibility with AroFlo’s markup options

Tailor your pricing levels to the various needs of your business

AroFlo lets you configure tiers of pricing and allocate the various levels to different categories including government, commercial and domestic or VIP, gold, silver and bronze.

These pricing levels work in conjunction with your default markups and can be selected when an inventory item is assigned to your quote, task or invoice.

Set-up is quick and easy


Switch on & off as you need

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Tune your pricing to the needs of your business