Geo Zone Scheduling

Schedule your Staff and Resources
Based on the Area or Zone

Cut Travel time with Geo Zone Scheduling

Geo Zone scheduling is a fast and efficient way to schedule your staff and resources based on the area or zone that you have assigned them to work in. AroFlo lets you schedule or assign jobs by postcode, suburb or a geographic zone.

Your staff in the office are probably inundated each day with urgent customer requests to fix burst pipes, broken air conditioners, gas leaks or faulty lights. Finding your closest, available field technician normally involves numerous phone calls to staff in the field or searching through job diaries in the office. Not anymore.

Using resource zone scheduling, AroFlo can be set up so that your admin team only select technicians who have been assigned to work in your client’s zone. This means your scheduling staff will always select the right person for the job – cutting costs and travel time.

Geographic Zones

Geo zones allow you to schedule tasks to your staff or contractors based on a pre-defined geographic zone that they have been assigned to work in.

Your technicians can be linked to one, many, or all zones.

Zones can be defined by suburb, postcode or simply by drawing directly on an area (geofence) using Google Maps.
It couldn’t be any easier.

Geo Zone Scheduling

Geographic Fences

Geo Fences allow you to select a certain area to monitor and receive alerts whenever a user or asset enters or leaves the zone.

Need to know when a technician enters or leaves a worksite? Simply place a geofence around it and you’ve got ultimate visibility!

It’s also great for keeping an eye on important and expensive assets which aren’t supposed to leave a certain area.

Additionally, you may want to place a fence around certain suppliers or other places of interest so when a staff member is close, you get an alert.

Geographic Fences

Schedule or Assign Jobs by Postcode, Suburb or a Geographic Zone