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Fast Professional Invoicing Made Easy

A smart, efficient invoicing system,
accelerating your business cash flow.

Quick Invoicing Software

A healthy cash flow is crucial for any trades business. When cash dries up, so does your business. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

AroFlo makes lost invoices, untracked billable hours and late payments a thing of the past. Labour, materials and expenses are all automatically imported into your invoices, so nothing gets missed.

Raise invoices from the office or on-site, helping you bridge the gap between job completion and payment. Easily send the invoice out, and even take payment directly from the field with AroFlo’s pay now feature.

Put away your calculator

You have ultimate control over the way your invoice items are calculated and displayed with AroFlo. Cost, mark-up, sell and discount amounts can be applied to each individual invoice item.

These mark-ups and discounts can also be added to clients of your choice, so that every time you do a job for them, their special pricing already takes effect on the invoice.

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Flexible Invoice Layouts

AroFlo lets you decide how much information is displayed on your invoices and made available to your customer.

Choose between detailed invoices that include single line items for all material and labour. Or select simple invoices that group items into a summarised total. Easily customize and change the look of your layouts with a touch of the button, changing the colour, positioning and even adding data to the invoice.

Recurring invoices made simple

Sick of typing out the same invoice every month? AroFlo can automatically generate and send recurring invoices to your clients.

Using periodic invoices, you can set your invoice frequency (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, annually) and we’ll send invoices out on your behalf to regular customers.

project invoices
Project Invoicing & Claims

Take the guess work out of projects. Stay on top of your finances by tracking project costs, billing and estimates with AroFlo.

With the ability to create part invoices, progress claims, project retentions and collate invoices for multiple tasks linked to a single project, billing large scale projects has never been easier

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Invoice Reporting

Profitably is crucial to your success. AroFlo allows you to create profit and loss reports, even at the invoice level. You can customize these reports to include all invoicing data relevant for your analysis of business performance.

You can also access a dashboard listing all of current, pending and processed invoices, with their sub-status so you can keep ahead of all your invoices.

xero integration
Direct Integration to Industry Leading Add-ons

Integrate AroFlo with your accounting software and payment gateways, to improve cash flow so your financials are always kept up-to-date Streamline your entire invoice process from job, to invoice and directly into your accounting package.

AroFlo seamlessly integrates with Xero, MYOB, ReckonQuickBooks, and payment gateways.

An easier way to invoice

AroFlo’s smart invoice options streamline the invoicing process. Never double handle your invoices again when you can generate an invoice straight from any completed task, quote or schedule of rates. Also giving you the flexibility to add, delete or edit any of your auto-imported items.

Turn a completed job into a professional looking invoice with just a few clicks. Timesheets, materials and receipts are automatically transformed into an invoice so you always account for every cost.

Take control of your business financials so you can focus your time where it matters most.

xero Add on

Accounting Software Integrations

AroFlo integrates with leading accounting software systems to ensure you never double-handle an invoice again, allowing you to stay on-top of your financials, faster.

Why re-enter invoices? AroFlo sends completed invoices directly into your accounting package so your finances are kept up-to-date and accurate across both systems.

Client and supplier updates, purchase orders and payments can all be shared between AroFlo and your accounting package. No more late nights wasting hours on unnecessary data entry.

AroFlo integrates seamlessly with hosted versions of Xero, MYOB, Reckon, and QuickBooks.

Invoice on-the-go

Sick of spending your nights emailing invoices or chasing late payments? Stop wasting hours in the office on paperwork.

AroFlo makes your office portable so you can take care of your billing while you’re out on the road.

As soon as a job is finished you can raise an invoice. With a few clicks your invoice can be sent straight from your phone to the client.

No more scratching out manual invoices or trying to remember how much time you spent on the job, or what materials you used.

AroFlo delivers professional and accurate invoices on the spot, every time.

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Invoice template

Customizable Invoice Templates

Your invoices need to look professional and reflect your business’s unique brand. Is it time you gave your invoices a long-overdue facelift?

AroFlo gives you the flexibility to select from a range of invoice templates. Or you can choose to have ultimate control over how your invoices look by using our powerful editor to create your own unique design.

Maybe you already have an invoice design you love… No problem! We can help convert your existing design into a standard template for you to use each and every time you need to raise an invoice. All job information and details will pull right over to your favourite invoice design.

With AroFlo, the choice is yours.

Get paid faster

We make it easy for your customers to pay as soon as you’ve completed their job. You’ll never need to waste precious hours chasing up late payments again.

AroFlo integrates with leading payment gateway providers so you can choose the one that matches your business needs.

You can accept and process payment all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Using these payment gateways give your business the edge with your own Pay Now link which you can attach to invoices. As soon as you send the invoice out, your client can click the pay now link and, on the spot, instantly receive the funds.

Sign up today for faster payments and positive cash flow.

** AroFlo charges a standard fee of $5 per month for eWay and NAB Transact integrations. Additional transaction fees also apply.

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invoice maker

Invoicing on auto-pilot

invoice softwareUse a standard templates and brand it with your logo. Or customise your own design using AroFlo’s invoice editor.

invoice softwareInvoice numbers are auto-generated as your next available number.
invoice software AroFloJob information is pre-populated into your invoice – client contact details, job number and customer order number.
invoice software AroFloThe invoice description will include any labour, materials and expenses recorded against the original task.
invoice software AroFloCosts and totals are broken down, and any part payments already received are accounted for.
invoice software AroFloAdd your payment options – direct debit, cheque or credit card.

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