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AroFlo resource management software

AroFlo is a web based system that allows your business to track resource allocation against tasks and projects in real time. The system provides a centralized interface for entering time, parts, inventory and supplier orders providing 100% visibility of activity across your business 24/7.

Integrated Timesheet

The Timesheet component of the Resource Management Software solution allows hours to be booked out directly against a task or a timesheet. The time booked out against tasks is reflected in the hours on the weekly timesheet. Providing one point of entry and ensuring time allocated against a timesheet is accounted for against jobs increases billable hours for your business..

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AroFlo provides an easy to use interface that allows resources to be scheduled to tasks allowing operational controllers to plan work weeks in advance.

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Access anywhere

AroFlo provides a mobile interface managing work projects and allocating resources enabling the documentation of time, parts, inventory and supplier orders against tasks before closing them off. Staff are also able to re-schedule tasks from site!

Location independence

Being web based AroFlo can be accessed wherever you have access to the internet giving staff direct access to the system from disparate sites in multiple locations. Makes travelling a whole lot easier too!

Compliance – OHS Component

The AroFlo Resource Management Software solution has an easy to use, feature rich interface to the integrated compliance software solution enabling technicians to quickly assess and document risks & controls through Job Safety Analysis forms, Safe Work Method statements and safety checklists.

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