After its initial establishment as i-man in 2001, our company grew to become a leading provider of cloud-based job management solutions, both in Australian and abroad.

But there was a lot of confusion around our company name and product name. Are you i-man? Or are you IMS? We couldn’t tell you the number of time we answered the phone and the caller on the end of the line thought we were called Ironman!

It was definitely time for a change.

Enter AroFlo

So in September 2015 it seemed like the perfect time for us to announce our new company name and branding – because, after all, Spring is the season for change and growth.
And so, after much consideration, AroFlo was born. We feel our new name better reflects our legacy and vision for the future.

Why AroFlo?

‘Aro’ represents Guy Arrowsmith, company founder and director. We think it’s a good fit: Guy is very much like an ‘arrow’ – straight down the line and determined to hit his target.

Back in 1998, while he was working as an electrician, Guy had a vision. He clearly identified a gap in the market for a job management system that addressed the difficulties faced by tradies like himself.

So in typical Arrowsmith style, Guy just got on with it. He used his ingenuity and initiative to build the solution he himself was after. And he’s still at the helm, using his knowledge and experience to make things better.

‘Flo’ reinforces our commitment to developing business tools that streamline your workflows and simplify your business processes. It also captures the fluid nature of our business. We’re a market-leader, but we are nimble and agile enough to change direction to ensure we meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

How did this change affect our customers?
It didn’t.

Even though we rebranded our company, we stayed true to our roots. Same great product. Same owners. Same staff. Same location. Different look.

Our new AroFlo brand acknowledged our history and current strength within the market while also offering a structured and powerful platform for our continued growth.

It’s been a long time in the making and marks the beginning of our new company journey.