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1. Background
 This Policy applies to Clients of the AroFlo System. The purpose of this Policy is to ensure all Clients are provided quality training and support when using the AroFlo System.

2. Training and Support
2.1 Any training and support provided by AroFlo is subject to this Policy.
2.2 Any training or support falling outside this Policy will be charged either as Training and Support Packages or as consulting services at the hourly rates as set out on the AroFlo Website.

3. AroFlo Training
AroFlo Training is provided to Clients who subscribe to the Standard Subscription or who purchases the PremiumSupport Package.
Set-up Training is provided to the Product Champion on a Train the Trainer basis although other participant may attend the Training sessions.
AroFlo Training will be provided:
via an online platform either by telephone or screen sharing software. AroFlo does not provide on-site training;
only to the Client’s designated Product Champion. If the Product Champion is an external party, not directly employed by the Client, the Client must make this request in writing and any additional training to Client employees will be considered additional training and invoiced accordingly;
3.3.3 in sessions covering discrete subjects with each discrete subject being trained only once; and
depending on the availability of AroFlo trainers which may be limited to a certain number of sessions per week perClient.
If the Product Champion changes during or after the Setup Training period, AroFlo may, at its discretion, charge for any additional training AroFlo considers a repetition of previously provided sessions.
Clients who wish to purchase additional training including repeating training already provided to the Client’sProduct Champion, training other internal staff or external parties will be invoiced to the Client as an additional cost to their usual Subscription Fee at rates set out on the AroFlo Website.
AroFlo Training only includes training the ProductChampion on how to use the functionalities of the AroFlo System. AroFlo does not build a Client’s workflow or create aClient’s specific forms. Any Client specific workflow creation will be invoiced to the Client as consulting services at rates set out on the AroFlo Website.
For additional training outside the Set-up Training period, the Client must provide relevant workflow processes, if these are not known additional charged consulting sessions may be required.
AroFlo requires 24 hours’ notice to cancel or re-book training sessions.
If the Client cancels a pre-booked training session with less than 24 hours notice a Training Cancellation fee amounting to 50% of the Training or Consulting fees as set upon the AroFlo website.

4. AroFlo Support Line and live chat
4.1 Support Requests via the AroFlo Support Line will be limited to a maximum of 15 minutes per call. Calls longer than 15 minutes must be scheduled as a training or support session that can be booked through the AroFlo Support Line or through the Help Centre.
4.2 Live chat is limited in duration to conversations under 10 minutes. Live chat longer than 15 minutes must be scheduled as a training or support session that can be booked through the AroFlo Support Line or through the Help Centre.

5. Support requests
5.1 Support Requests are limited to assistance in relation to:
5.1.1 using AroFlo; and
5.1.2 technical issues with AroFlo.
5.2  AroFlo is not obliged to provide assistance in relation to:
5.1.1 information technology queries that do not relate directly to AroFlo;
5.1.2 developing business processes and procedures;
5.1.3 training for new users; and
5.1.4 an issue arising from the Client seeking to use AroFlo on computer hardware or software platform that does not meet AroFlo’s stated minimum requirements for the use of the AroFlo System.
5.3 AroFlo may elect, at its absolute discretion, to provide assistance of a kind described in clause 5.2, subject to such terms and conditions (including payment terms and additional costs) as notified by AroFlo to the Client.
5.4 When reporting an issue, the Client will, to the best of their ability, provide AroFlo with information setting out in sufficient detail the issue they are experiencing or the support required, their operating system and browser used and where possible, specific example of the AroFlo services required. This may include:
5.4.1  the function being sought to be performed at the time that the issue arose;
5.4.2  the form or manifestation of the issue (e.g. program or system ‘freezing’, program or system ‘crash’, error message, failure to execute function);
5.4.3 any error codes or messages appearing;
5.4.4 the computer programs being run at the time of the issue;
5.4.5 the hardware and software specifications of the computer or the computer network; and
5.4.6 the production or program log from the computer or the computer network on which the AroFlo System was being used.
5.5  Upon receiving a Support Request, AroFlo will:
5.5.1  log the issue and allocate an issue number to it;
5.5.2  set a priority for the issue and treat the problem within the expected resolution time; and
5.5.3  notify the client when the issue has been resolved.
5.6  The Client will assist AroFlo:
5.6.1  to replicate the circumstances in which the issue arose and seek to replicate the occurrence of the issue;
5.6.2  in the identification and diagnosis of any error or defect; and
5.6.3  by providing all necessary information relevant to the fault.
5.7  The Client will provide AroFlo with:
5.7.1 reasonable access, typically via online remote support, to the Client’s computer systems to allow AroFlo to provide the support services; and
5.6.2 remote access to the Client’s computer systems to allow AroFlo to provide the support services.
5.8  AroFlo will use reasonable efforts to provide the support in a timely manner, to correct any faults or to provide workarounds.
5.9  AroFlo may utilise such employees and contractors as it deems appropriate in its absolute discretion in providing the support services.
5.10  The Client may request that AroFlo cease providing support services for a Support Request at any time.

6. Definitions
6.1 AroFlo means AroFlo Innovations Pty Ltd (ABN 85 638 665 362) t/a AroFlo its successors and assignees.
6.2 AroFlo Software means the “AroFlo Job Management Software”. The “AroFlo Job Management Software” is a web-based service management tool designed to automate and integrate core processes related to the delivery and administration of services.
6.3 AroFlo Support Line means the support telephone number provided by AroFlo for submitting Support Requests.
6.4 AroFlo System means collectively the AroFlo Software and the Help Centre.
6.5 AroFlo Website means the website at https://office.com/, https://field.aroflo.com,  and any other website or method of access to the Aroflo System as we may determine from time to time.
6.6 Client means an individual entity that has entered into an agreement with AroFlo for the use of the AroFlo System.
6.7 Help Centre means the “AroFlo Help Centre” located on the AroFlo Website.
6.8 Policy means this AroFlo Fair Use Policy.
6.9 Premium Support Package means the “Premium Support Package” service that can be purchased by a Client via the AroFlo Website.
6.10 Product Champion means the person nominated by a Client to undertake Set-Up Training.
6.11 Set-Up Training means initial training on the setup, customisation, implementation and general use of the AroFlo System.
6.12  Standard Subscription means the standard Subscription.
6.13  Subscription means a subscription to the AroFlo System.
6.14  Subscription Fee means the fee payable for the Subscription.
6.15  Support Request means a request for support services from a Client to address an issue with the AroFlo Software.
6.16 Training and Support Packages means the optional training and support packages that can be purchased by a Client via the AroFlo Website.

Concurrent users: AroFlo has a straightforward pricing model, charging for number of users. “Users” (e.g. employees, contractors, consultants) must be connected to individuals. We do not allow concurrent usage of a User’s login by other people.As per our Terms of Service, clients shouldn’t use another person’s (including another User’s) login, share access details or allow devices to remain logged in to the AroFlo System for the purpose of being used by a person who has not been allocated that login or password.If multiple people are detected using a shared login, the User may be logged out automatically. Or, if a User has concurrent sessions running, across multiple IP addresses, devices or browsers, the User may be logged out on one, or all sessions.Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

For any questions or notice, please contact AroFlo at:
AroFlo Innovations Pty Ltd (ABN 85 638 665 362) t/a AroFlo
Suite 13, 2nd Floor
12 Maroondah Highway
Ringwood VIC 3134
Email: info@aroflo.com
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