AroFlo Job Management Software | AMT Industries Case Study

Imagine if simply introducing new technology could make your business infinitely scalable and help you to diversify into new markets. It did for Stuart White at AMT Industries.

AroFlo is the secret to Stuart’s newfound success. He’s winning bigger contracts without taking on new staff and he’s skyrocketed to the ranks of preferred service provider for several NBN tier one delivery partners.

But don’t just take our word for it – read on to discover how AroFlo could be a game-changer for your business too.

AroFlo Customer Case Study

Business Profile

What they do: AMT Industries provides specialist underground boring services to the telecommunications, energy and civil construction industries.

With AroFlo since: 2016

Located in: Campbellfield, Vic

Industry: Underground boring and subsurface provisions.

Number of employees: 8


Before AroFlo came along, Stuart White was feeling overwhelmed. At any one time he wouldn’t know where a job was at, or how his overall business was tracking. Things were a mess. Vital paperwork was going missing – stuffed into overflowing in-trays, or getting lost in the back of trucks.

When Stuart pitched for a major government contract, he realised if he won the contract, he wouldn’t be able to properly manage it using his existing processes. So he asked his wife Sue to do some research.

AMT needed a system that could seamlessly track every detail of every job, while simultaneously managing multiple subcontractors, clients and varying Sum of Rates (SORs). When Stuart saw AroFlo for the first time he was blown away.

“As soon as I saw AroFlo in action I knew it was exactly what my business needed.”


So, why did AroFlo have that wow-factor? In a nutshell, it gave Stuart unparalleled visibility and traceability across his entire business.

He quickly identified key features that could propel his business to the next level: detailed task notes and photographic evidence of completed work, instant profit and loss snapshots, work safety checklists, comprehensive reporting, and the flexibility to preload custom SORs for individual clients and suppliers.

Being cloud-based, AroFlo lets Stuart access up-to-the-minute job details for any project, at any time. He’s always one step ahead and can quickly solve problems from any location.

“If the guys have a problem on the job they upload a photo in AroFlo and ‘snap’, I look on my screen and it’s there straight away.  I can call them back with instructions and it’s all solved in under two minutes.

It’s also enhancing Stuart’s relationships with his staff and clients. AroFlo’s transparency in capturing data means disputes are minimised. And while other suppliers are handing over cumbersome paper-laden folders to clients, Stuart can email a report straight away. It’s a small thing that’s given him a massive competitive edge.

“Our use of AroFlo is reducing my clients’ administration and labour costs too, which they absolutely love.”

It took Stuart around eight weeks to fully integrate AroFlo into his existing systems and get staff up to speed. But the team at AroFlo were there to support AMT Industries through the entire process.

“The team at AroFlo are so friendly and helpful; they never treat you like you’re stupid. If you’ve got a question you just flick them an email or call, and you get a response straight away. They’re brilliant.”

“I’ve recommended AroFlo to every single small business I know. But I probably should keep it as my own little secret!”

Stuart White, General Manager — AMT Industries
AMT Industries AroFlo Customer Success Story


Stuart won his big contract and he brought in AroFlo to specifically tackle the project. He’s also been able to diversify and open up new business ventures, all hosted within AroFlo. He can work on each business unit simultaneously but each one has its own separate structure and details.

As AMT Industries continues to grow and shift its focus towards other revenue models, AroFlo is proving to be the perfect solution for Stuart’s evolving business.

“I can now take on much larger contracts into the millions of dollars, and manage an infinite number of sub-contractors. I have full traceability of all those subbies – I know where they are, what they’re working on and when they finish the job.”

Stuart is now on the same playing field as multi-million dollar companies with hundreds of employees. Another business working on the same NBN contract can’t track information the way he can.

“These guys have eight admin staff in their office doing what I can do from out in the field on my iPad. It’s pretty impressive what I can now do, even as a small business. And it’s all because of AroFlo.”

Increase in productivity
Zero on-site paperwork
0 hours
Each week saved on compliance

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