Five Star Electrical Case Study

Running a business is fraught with challenges. David Menegon and Theo Vassalakis from Five Star Electrical found they were drowning in a sea of paperwork and slow billing cycles. It was harming their potential to grow.

Enter AroFlo. We’ve worked with Five Star Electrical for almost a decade, helping transform the business into one of Canberra’s leading electrical contractors.


Business Profile

What they do: Five Star Electrical offers a highly diverse range of services, from energy management and monitoring to general electrical maintenance, commercial equipment repair and construction.

Who they help: Government and defence departments; commercial operations.

With AroFlo since: 2006

Located in: Canberra

Industry: Electrical

Number of employees: 12


A business owner knows they have a problem when it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of staff and simple business functions like invoicing.

For David Menegon, the list seemed endless: processing, tracking and managing daily tasks; the deluge of paperwork; lost or incorrectly completed job cards and timesheets; and slow and incorrect invoicing. All of which created more administrative work, and reduced cash flow.

The job management system they were using wasn’t helping. It wasn’t web-based, so Five Star’s electricians weren’t able to access the system out in the field.

It was time for Five Star Electrical to find a solution. The mission? Speed up the billing cycle and find a way to better manage staff in the field and at the office.



“AroFlo has transformed our business, turning tedious tasks into an absolute pleasure.”

David Menegon, Director, Five Star Electrical

David chose AroFlo as the winning job management software to integrate with his business.
It was a gamechanger. Here’s why.
AroFlo’s cloud-based functionality gives Five Star Electrical a central port of call to manage all jobs from the initial query through to final invoicing.

AroFlo helped in two main ways:


AroFlo’s database administrators assisted the Five Star Electrical team every step of the way. To start, we helped transfer customer, supplier, and parts and equipment inventory details from their existing system to AroFlo.

It was a seamless and pain-free process. We then linked AroFlo to their accounting software.

Our experienced team was on hand to counter any teething issues and questions, helping to answer and guide the kind of questions that typically arise when a business implements a new system. Everything is now done online – paper-based timesheets and job cards are a nightmare of the past.

In the field

All qualified electricians – and given its simplicity, all third- and fourth-year apprentices, too – can access AroFlo out in the field. Job-related data, such as schedules, start and finish times, task details and any materials purchased, are quickly and easily recorded.

AroFlo means a massive time saving for staff. Says electrician Peter Mitchell: “Being able to access our tasks online means I no longer have to travel into the office each day.”


When we first met Five Star Electrical, the business was in disarray. Streamlining operations with AroFlo helped achieve massive gains in efficiency and thrust the business into growth.

For example, electricians now use their time more effectively, minimising downtime and unnecessary travel. And there’s no longer a lull in invoicing clients, resulting in significant improvements to the company’s cashflow.

Supervisor Wayne Pettet says: “AroFlo allows me to better manage our staff in the field and monitor their whereabouts and productivity.”

The results speak for themselves:

AroFlo is a powerful solution for Five Star Electrical’s team. Its cloud-based technology gives them instant and accurate information across all measurable parts of the business – anytime, anywhere.

Increase in billable hours
Improvement on invoicing turnaround time
Time saving managing timesheets
Time saving on field paperwork
Savings in fuel costs
Savings on phone calls

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